Thursday, April 19, 2018

Xenogears and Xenosaga mirroring analysis returns

Of all the things I've contributed to the Xeno fandom over the years, I think this is the one achievement I am the most pleased with and proud of. There's a lot to discover in this article/analysis and it manages to provide an overview and idea of what Xenosaga might've been like if the original story and plan was left intact. It also manages to communicate how similar these two works are in style and substance and why they differ from the later Xenoblade games in a way that is more effective than any argument could ever be. It also provides a decent analysis for how Xenogears follows classic story architecture since I originally wrote this article in conjunction with the plot analysis.

This was another article I started working on restoring back in November 2016, but the amount of pictures needed to be added delayed the article for similar reasons as the Xeno Emission pages. Since then I've figured out how to do it faster, working mechanically within a formula while listening to podcasts, and before I knew it the article was finally finished. It's been edited with some spelling mistakes fixed and grammar changed or improved, as well as getting rid of some commentary I kept repeating more times than was necessary. But otherwise the article remains the same since it was pretty solid from the beginning (although I might add some things in the future). Enjoy!


  1. I agree that this is probably your greatest contribution. It proved to me that you were one of the leading Xeno theorists of the community. I've read it many times.

    By the way, Takahashi was recently asked if he was still interested in continuing Xenosaga. He said yes, as long as someone would finance it.
    - CosmicGnosis

    1. Yes I did catch that interview. I think finding someone who would finance it would be more difficult than the first time though. But maybe if Monolith can build up enough good reputation with the current games they're making some companies might be prepared to finance anything from them..

  2. I just want to thank you and all the people that were working all these years on those papers. Thank you for keeping the communauty alive, what a wonderfull work you have made. There is no such things comparable on the Internet about other games, thank you.

  3. Thanks for this and your other recent works