Xenosaga 2001 Spring TGS 2k1 trailer terms

And the sea gave up the dead which were in it
and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them
and they were judged every man according to their works.

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
The lake of fire is the second death.

And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life
was cast into the lake of fire.

- John's Book of Revelation, 20:13-15

* Planet Disappearance Incident
* Sunken Region
- "Do you feel... sadness... or anything?"
* Woglinde
* 117th Marine Division
- "Will feeling pain make me complete?"
* Realian
* Gnosis
* Pilgrimage Fleet
- "So you finally admit to it, you coward!"
* Penfield Homunculus
- "I hope you'll be able to understand someday..."
* V4 Field

+ Character Design: Kunihiko Tanaka

* Kindling Phenomenon
* D.S.S.S.
- "...Because I'm not human, I'll be fine."
* Hilbert Effect
- "...I don't like that name..."
* DME Addiction
* Fifth Jerusalem
- "Trust me, it ain't something you'd want to see."
* Kukai Foundation
* The door to Lost Jerusalem
- "Have you ever heard it?"
* Miltian Star System
* Four Ancient Texts
- "That song... draws everything unto madness..."
* Shion Uzuki
* Archetype
- "Yes. It could affect the entire fate of mankind."
* Encephalon
* Contact Subcommittee
- "Do you want to know what it was like being married to a murderer?"
* Vector Industries
* Executive Committee
- "Show me the proof that you exist..."
* Galaxy Federation Government
* Abel's Ark
- "Will my death be for nothing?!"
* Identity Diffusion

+ Mechanical Design: Junya Ishigaki, Kouichi
Mugitani (CHOCO), Takumi Sakura

* U.M.N.
- "I always wondered... Why were we brought into this world?"
* Miltian Conflict
* Matter Shift Mechanism
- "So why not give it to them? A meaning to their pitiful existence!"
* Book of Splendour
* Project Zohar
- "Where does the real you exist?"
* chaos
- "Good morning, KOS-MOS. How do you feel?"
* Anti-Gnosis Humanoid Fighting System
* Synchronicity
- "What trump card? Was he referring to that battle android?"
* Unus Mundus
* Gate Jump
- "That one's not even human."
* Song of Nephilim
* Autism
- "Really? She appears to be just like any other human to me."
* Episode I
* The Will to Power
- "Have you no conscience?!!"
* EPR Radar
* Local Variation
- "It's alright... I'm going to die anyway..."
* Transference Column
* Geodesic Structure
- "Only then will he be legally 'dead'."
* Western calendar, year 20XX
* Lake Turkana
- "Jr. Gaigun Jr."

+ Music by Yasunori Mitsuda

* Rennes-Le-Chateau
* T.C. 4775
- "Little Master doesn't have any choice in the matter but to stay that size..."
* Non-localized connection
* Cage Partition Opening
- "It may already be too late."
* Emulator
* 818th Region
- "A cyborg? How anachronistic."
* Miltia Charter
- "She's a Realian. A 100-series Realian. You heard of them?"
* MT Field
* Resonance Phenomenon
- "You don't like it... because it sounds like a puppy's name?"
* Mock-battle frame
* 100-Series Observational Unit
- "Show a little love to your dogs, or else they might bite you one day."
* U-Retrovirus
* Kirschwasser
- "Does that lake of darkness where Nero does his fishing look something like this?"
* Albedo
* Nigredo
- "They say ignorance is bliss... looks like they were right."
* Rubedo
* U-DO
- "Then, you're carrying the burden of yet another sorrow, aren't you..."
* Vector 3rd Division
* Phase Transition Cannon
- "It's been fourteen years, hasn't it, Uzuki?"

+ Producer: Hirohide Sugiura

* Proto Omega
* Order (As in, Compass of)
- "You will kneel before the power of Omega!"
* Chaos (As in, Compass of)
* U-TIC Organization
- "It is... the Will to Power"
* Asteroid Pleroma
* Ormus Society
- "Hurry! He's disappearing!"
* Eternal Recurrence
* Mary Magdalene
- "Garbage..."
* Federation Parliament
* Logical Drive
- "Such is reality..."
* Elsa
* Flosshilde
- "You lost someone important to you, too."
* Wellgunde
* Rhine Maiden
- "That can't mean... the Original... is here..."
* Autonomous Combat Terminal
* Post-War Reparation
- "The truth isn't always a pleasant thing to know."
* Cathedral Ship
* Level 8 Reconditioning Treatment
- "Why did you create her...?"
* Life Recycling Law
* Planet Ariadne
- "It was a 'girl' that we saw at the end."
* No. 666
* Mizrahi Cerebral Sciences Research Center
- "Would you laugh if I told you I think she has a heart?"
* Joachim Mizrahi
* Marienkind
- "Yes, that's a wonderful memory."
* Environmental Bug
* Michtam 04beta
- "The lunatic..."
* Masochism
* Plan 401
- "Dammit! They're all infected!"
* Y-Data
* Book of Life
- "Now, come... Our time is just beginning."
* The Last Sparrow
* Imaginary Domain
- "So beautiful... these tears of sympathy for others. Surely they are the most precious substance in the world."
* Zarathustra
* Strange Attractor
- "Nooo... stop it... Get out... of me..."
* Earth Abandonment
* The Road that Leads to Heaven
- "Fill up my heart with you."
- "Ye Shall Be As Gods"

+ Director / Script: Tetsuya Takahashi

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  1. Its crazy. Been 10 years since this was translated https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/929933-xenosaga-episode-iii-also-sprach-zarathustra/49513378

    So many questions and answers or not.

    Like BK mentions "It's interesting seeing lines that were cut from the game. I'd kill to see the original, full script of Episode I."

    I think most XS ep I fans would agree to that.

    If only God could show me the full script of Episode I from Tetsuya Takahashi mind, especially the part .....T.C. 4775. What was the REAL meaning of that.