Xenogears: Guide to translation errors

This is a guide to spot errors that can be found in the script for the U.S. official translation of Xenogears. Because of some awkward translation and localization choices, fans of Xenogears have in the past built entire theories and speculations based on some of these 'errors' until they were pointed out by people who played the original Japanese version. This guide remains incomplete.

Names and Terms:

(Note that I will not include useless romanized names like "Kalen" instead of "Karen", "Karn" instead of "Kahn", or "Barthlomei" instead of "Bartholomei/Bartholomew". True, in Perfect Works many names are spelled in English (or 'Engrish') like that, but Japanese designers aren't always the best at English and no western fan should have to read them like that.)

'Alice' - the japanese name is 'Aruru', the name of a Sumerian fertility goddess.

'Alpha Weltall' (battle at Mahanon) - The japanese game says 'O.R. Weltall'.
'True Weltall' (battle at Bethlehem) - The japanese game says 'Original Weltall'.
('O.R.' is simply short for 'Original' as listed in Perfect Works. It is not two different Gears and unlikely the case of one missing a relic, which has been discussed alot.)

'Alkanshel' - Stone's Gear. This seems to be a misspelling of 'Arc-en-ciel', the french word for rainbow.

'Anima Relic' - The japanese words says 'Vessel of Anima', same as Xenosaga.

'Anonelbe' - This is a misspelling of 'Ahnenerbe', a German word meaning "Ancestral Heritage".

'Antitype' - The japanese word says 'Counter-existence'.

'Aquvy' - In Perfect Works it is 'Acvi'.

'Arbot Plaza' - This is a misspelling of 'Arabot Plaza', Arabot is the name of the seventh Heaven where God and his most highly ranked angels live.

'Aveh' - This is a misspelling of 'Av', the name of the fifth month of the Hebrew Calendar.

'Bledavik' - This is a misspelling of 'Breidablik', one of the halls of Asgard, home of Baldr. 

'Broyer' - Could be a misspelling of 'Breuer' (after Josef Breuer)

'Citan' - A misspelling of 'Shitan', named after Japanese wood "shitan" (rosewood), which is often used in Japan for Bonsai display stands.

'Days of Destruction' - The Japanese words say 'Days of Collapse'.

'Doc' - Fei's nickname of Citan. The Japanese words say 'Sensei' which is more akin to "teacher" or "master."

'Elhaym' - Spelled 'Elehayym' in the japanese version. 'Elly' is spelled 'Ellie' in Perfect Works.

'Emeralda' - Spelled 'Emerada' in the japanese version, although it should probably be Emeralda since she was named for having emerald colored hair.

'Elru' - This is a misspelling of 'Elul', the name of the sixth month of the Hebrew Calendar.

'Ethos, The' - The japanese word says 'The Church'.

'Etrenank' - This is a misspelling of 'Etemenanki', the name of a ziggurat dedicated to Marduk in the city of Babylon of the 6th century BCE. The name means "temple of the foundation of heaven and earth" and is thought to have influenced the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

Franz - Franz (the dolphin demi-human) was called 'Vans' in the japanese version (romanized as 'Banth' in PW's sketches). The NA localization team switched his name with the character 'Vance', who was originally called Franz.

'Gaetia Key' - The Japanese words say 'Lesser Goetia Key', a references to The Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous 17th-century grimoire, which is also known as The Goetia.

'Gebler' - This is a misspelling of 'Geburah', the fifth of the Sephirot of the tree of life in Hebrew, meaning "strength" or "power".

'Golgoda' - This is a misspelling of 'Golgotha', the place where Jesus was crucified.

'Grahf' - This is a misspelling of 'Graf' which may be a reference to Graf Dürckheim, a German diplomat, psychotherapist and Zen Master who worked with Nazis (in the story Graf works with Solaris) and who learned and taught Zen in Japan. 'Graf' is also German for "Lord".

'Helmholz' - This is a misspelling of 'Helmholtz', a reference to the German physician and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz who also inspired the name for the character Helmholtz Watson in Brave New World - a novel by Aldous Huxley, written as a revolt against the idea of futuristic "Utopia," something similar to Solaris in Xenogears.

'Ignas' - This is a misspelling of 'Ignis', Latin for "fire".

'Kadomony' - This is a misspelling of 'Kadmoni', a reference to Adam ha-Kadmoni, the first human, with Kadmoni meaning "Primordial". (Adam Kadmon means "Primal Man").

'Kahran' - This is a misspelling of 'Carlin'. 'Kahr' should be 'Carl'.

'Kelvena' - This name (sometimes 'Kelvina' in the game) is a misspelling of 'Cherubina'. The Elements are named after the highest order of Angels in Christian hierarchy; Seraphim, Cherubim, Throne, and Dominions. Cherubina is named after 'Cherubim', which is second only to Seraphim in the hierarchy. They have four faces: one of a man, one of an ox, one of a lion, and one of an eagle.

'Krelian' - This name is a misspelling of 'Karellen', named after Tetsuya Takahashi's favorite character from the book Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke.

'Mahanon' - This is a misspelling of 'Machanon', the 4th heaven, which is where, according to Enoch, the Garden of Eden is housed. The Eldridge ship, specifically the central block 'Machanon', is an allusion to the biblical paradise.

'Maitreya' - The name of one of Bart's commanding officers. The japanese name is 'Miloch'.

'Merkava' - This is a misspelling of 'Merkabah', a Hebrew word meaning "chariot", and referring to the throne-chariot of God mentioned in Old Testament.

'Miang' - Her name was pronounced/spelled 'Mian' in japanese but is romanized as 'Myyah' in Perfect Works, intended to partly mirror "Elehayym".

'Nikolai' - It is possible that this name is a misspelling of "Nikola", a reference to Nikola Testla - an inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer, regarded as both a genius and mad scientist.

'Nortune' - This is a misspelling of 'Noatun', from Norse mythology.

'Omnigear' - The japanese word says 'Gear-bara'. "Bara" is a Hebrew word meaning "to create/manufacture something out of nothing". Normal gears are designated "-Asah" in Perfect Works, meaning "to create/manufacture something out of existing materials". It is a reference to Omnigears being the gears of 'genesis'.

'Opiomorph' - This is a misspelling of 'Opiomorphus'.

'Rattan' and 'Mugwort' - They were called 'Kenren' and 'Tenpou' in the Japanese version. Kenren and Tenpou are also the names of a pair of characters from the manga Saiyuki that started running in 1996.

'Razael' - This is a misspelling of 'Raziel', an archangel within the teachings of Jewish mysticism (of the Kabbalah of Judaism) who is the "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries". The famous Sefer Raziel HaMalach ("Book of Raziel the Angel") attributed to this figure is said to contain all secret knowledge, and is considered to be a book of magic. He stands close by God's throne, and therefore hears and writes down everything that is said and discussed. He purportedly gave the book to Adam and Eve after they ate from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which resulted in their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, so the two could find their way back "home" and better understand their God. The Raziel computer in the game is thus a fitting metaphor.

'Renk' - This is possibly a misspelling of 'Rank' (to keep in with the theme of the Gebler being named after scientists and psychologists): Otto Rank was an Austrian psychoanalyst, writer, teacher, and therapist, and one of Sigmund Freud's closest colleagues for 20 years. Another possibility is that his name was meant to be "Rink" or "Rynk" meaning "strong man" in Scottish.

'Ricdeau' - This is a misspelling of 'Rikudou', an actual Japanese surname, congruent with the Japanese given name "Hyuga".

'-Seraph- Angel' - The japanese game says 'Aeon', the Gnostic term for Angel.

'Thames' - This is a misspelling of 'Tamuz', the name of the fourth month of the Hebrew Calendar.

'Tolone' - This is a misspelling of 'Throne', a name from the highest order of Angels in Christian hierarchy; 'Thrones/Ophanim' is ranked bellow Seraphim and Cherubim but still part of the First Sphere in the hierarchy. They are living symbols of God's justice and authority, and have as one of their symbols the throne.

'Urobolus' - This is a misspelling of 'Ouroboros' or 'Uroborus', a Greek word meaning "tail-devouring snake".

'Vance' - Vance was named "Franz" in the original japanese version. Why the name was given to the dolphin on the Yggdrasil in the NA translation is unknown. The name could be a reference to Frantz Omar Fanon, a West Indian psycholanalyst/philosopher.

'Vanderkaum' - This is a misspelling of 'Vanderkam'.

'Yabeh' - When visiting Razael, the 'Deus' system is referred to by this name. 'Yabeh' is a misspelling of Yahweh, the name of the Old Testament God. Originally "Yahweh" was the name for Deus, as explained by Richard Honeywood (in charge of Xenogears's localization), but due to Honeywood's concern that the name could upset fundamental Christians, the name was changed to "Deus" - the latin for "god" - in the japanese version as well as the english version. However, it seems Honeywood left in this one reference to Yahweh in respect of the authors original intent. This is also supported by the fact that 'Yahweh' (Yabeh) does appear written in katakana on Deus's sketches in Perfect Works.

'Zohar Modifier' - The japanese game says 'Event Changing Engine Zohar' / 'Phenomenon Alteration Engine Zohar'.

Game script:

Note: The chapter titles are taken from the japanese script.
Source; Xenogears Memorial Album: THOUSANDS OF DAGGERS

Disc 1:

Chapter 00: Prologue
Chapter 01: It started in the village called Lahan. (U.S. ver: Lahan Village)
Chapter 02: Over the gorges (U.S. ver: Mountain Path)
Chapter 03: the momentary peace (U.S. ver: House on a Hill)
Chapter 04: The things fallin' in the dark night (U.S. ver: Fallen Shadows)
Chapter 05: The evil attached Lahan (U.S. ver: Attack on Lahan)
Chapter 06: Setting out to the ocean of trees (U.S. ver: Into The Woods)
Chapter 07: a girl in the green woods (U.S. ver: Girl In Forest)
Chapter 08: the silence in the woods (U.S. ver: Broken Silence)
Chapter 09: to the territory of Ave (U.S. ver: Path to Aveh)
Chapter 10: At a loss (U.S. ver: Dazil)
Chapter 11: in hottest sands (U.S. ver: Desert Attack!)
Chapter 12: a recluse of underground (U.S. ver: Stalactite Cave)
Chapter 13: Pirates' hideout (U.S. ver: Pirate's Lair)
Chapter 14: The false king (U.S. ver: Operation Aveh)
Chapter 15: chaotic battle tournament (U.S. ver: The Tournament)
Chapter 16: Reunion with Maroeur (U.S. ver: Margie's Rescue)
Chapter 17: Straight for Nisan (U.S. ver: Road To Nisan)
Chapter 18: the Madonna of Nisan (U.S. ver: City Of Peace)
Chapter 19: the desperate counterattack (U.S. ver: Recapture Aveh)
Chapter 20: Evil in scarlet (U.S. ver: Desert Despair)
Chapter 21: Jailbirds in the Empire Kislev (U.S. ver: Kislev Capital)
Chapter 22: to be a hero of the battling (U.S. ver: Brave Battlers)
Chapter 23: Creeper in the darkness (U.S. ver: Sewer Horror)
Chapter 24: the invincible battler king (U.S. ver: Battling Champ)
Chapter 25: break into gear-dock (U.S. ver: Gear Dock Raid)
Chapter 26: Purge! (U.S. ver: Night Purge)
Chapter 27: Get the secret weapon! (U.S. ver: Secret Weapon)
Chapter 28: Head for a new land (U.S. ver: Escape Ignas)
Chapter 29: Drifting for nowhere (U.S. ver: Adrift At Sea)
Chapter 30: the spirit of the sailor (U.S. ver: Men Of The Sea)
Chapter 31: Reunion (U.S. ver: Friends Again)
Chapter 32: The cost of betraying (U.S. ver: Betrayal)
Chapter 33: Ramsus' blitz (U.S. ver: Ramsus' Attack)
Chapter 34: the young priest (U.S. ver: A Young Priest)
Chapter 35: with the orphans in the stream (U.S. ver: The Orphanage)
Chapter 36: the cruiser full of zombies (U.S. ver: Reaper's Ship)
Chapter 37: faith (U.S. ver: Burning Souls)
Chapter 38: the ruins under the ocean (U.S. ver: Ocean Floor)
Chapter 39: the girl in a coma (U.S. ver: Deep Sea Girl)
Chapter 40: the road to the sky (U.S. ver: Babel Tower)
Chapter 41: listen to the songs of the winds (U.S. ver: Sky City Shevat)
Chapter 42: the intruder (U.S. ver: Intruder Alert!)
Chapter 43: the legacy of the father (U.S. ver: Raid Of Shevat!)
Chapter 44: smile of Nisan (U.S. ver: Protect Nisan!)
Chapter 45: prayer of Maroeur (U.S. ver: Gate 1 -Margie)
Chapter 46: the shine of the Babel (U.S. ver: Gate 2 -Babel)
Chapter 47: the depth (U.S. ver: Gate 3 -The Deep)
Chapter 48: paradise upon the sky (U.S. ver: Into Solaris)
Chapter 49: home, sweet, home (U.S. ver: Escape Solaris)
Chapter 50: lone wolf (U.S. ver: Lone Wolf)
Chapter 51: suspicion (U.S. ver: Krelian's Lab)
Chapter 52: the escape (U.S. ver: Tears For Fears)
Chapter 53: the flame of hate (U.S. ver: Fall of Solaris)
Chapter 54: disgusting (U.S. ver: Shevat's Move)
Chapter 55: lost bonds (U.S. ver: Broken Ties)

Disc 2:

Chapter 56: shot down (U.S. ver: Shot Down!)
Chapter 57: tear off the marks (U.S. ver: Break The Seal)
Chapter 58: let the stars know... (U.S. ver: Soul Vessel)
Chapter 59: ...our vessels of souls (U.S. ver: The Stars Know)
Chapter 60: assassinate the emperor (U.S. ver: Above Mahanon)
Chapter 61: going back to the paradise of gods (U.S. ver: Paradise)
Chapter 62: the lost and promised land (U.S. ver: Promised Land)
Chapter 63: fortress of the death (U.S. ver: Waiting Death)
Chapter 64: the Melcover of sorrow (U.S. ver: Merkava Calls)
Chapter 65: memento of dreams (U.S. ver: Dreams...)
Chapter 66: fallen stars (U.S. ver: Fallen Star)
Chapter 67: stimulation of Xenogears (U.S. ver: Xenogears Wakes)
Chapter 68: the one that is the first and the last (U.S. ver: First And Last)
Chapter 69: Epilogue

Chapter 00: Prologue

"The auto pilot system, Faust, has been accessed and its phase space logic is being rewritten."
(Due to the dubbing some have interpreted the operator as saying "auto pilot system, Deus" instead of "auto pilot system, Faust". 'Faust' is correct.)

"Omega One, they are attacking! We can't stop them!"
(ERROR: Usage of multiplicity is questionable.)

Japanese: "Omega1! Still invading! It isn't stopping!" (invading implies hacking).

"Damn, so they're planning on attacking."
(ERROR: Usage of multiplicity is questionable.)

Japanese: "It/They{?}{vulgar}... intend to invade like this?..." ("It/They" is referring to Deus)

"Someone better at Japanese will have to say whether or not {} is some kind of plural form that I'm not familiar with..."
- Jinx

"I suspect that it's probably just something along the lines of 'that damned thing' because the multiplicity doesn't make any sense. Even in the English version, when they translated it as 'they,' I just parsed it as 'Deus' after I understood the story and the Kanji sorta backs that up, because usage dicts list 'thing; object' as the most common usage and many of the other definitions for it are kinda nonsensical."
- CT

"Michael had started the translation [but] hadn't been given proper familiarization, so if you look at the opening movie it says ["they're planning on attacking"], it's not "them" it's God breaking out of the [Eldridge spacecraft] and attacking them but translated as "them" because he didn't know what was going on, and he had to do the movie first without translating the game, and so he had to translate that part blind, then we couldn't go back and re-record that because of budget and scheduling issues"
- Richard Honeywood, senior member of the Square Enix localization team (8-4 Play's podcast, 1-Up, 2011)

[The following is a complete transcript of the U.S. version Opening movie. I noticed a lot of errors in many transcripts, but this one should be 98% accurate: ]

"This is an emergency. Level one alert."

"Omega 1 restarted."

"Alpha 1 Genome...restructuring."

"Confirming exon replacement..."

"Base code 85 million... A 100 million! Its speed is overwhelming!"

"Alpha 1 to Razael Central, access confirmed. Initializing fake net... Disconnected! Activating emergency shelter..."

"Denied! Contamination is spreading widely. Captain!?"

"Cut off the cables manually."

"Roger. Activating self-destruct bolts."

"Confirming... No good. Nothing happened.

"Omega 1, they are attacking! We can't stop them!"

"98 percent of our weapons have been taken over!"

"The Auto pilot system Faust has been accessed, and its phased space logic is being rewritten."

"Ergo-area is increasing. An internal plane is forming. Switching to space displacement mode."

"Alpha 1, confirming transfer coordinate codes... Coordinates input; coordinate NX128EZ061! The main planet!"

"Damn, so they're planning on attacking. Engine room, activate the emergency sealing system. Engine room? Eng--"

"See that all civilians and passengers are safely transported to the escape shuttles. I will send a dispatch after evacuation is complete. I am evacuating the ship. All of you, evacuate now."

Chapter 03: the momentary peace

Fei: "Hello, Yui. Where's doc...?"

This is "Where's Sensei?". A Japanese script of Back to the Future tells me the Doc is called "Doku".
The term "sensei" is a bit tricky... it is true that it is the address "teacher" or "master", as you use this both in school and in Martial Arts for example. But I don't feel Fei uses it in this sense here.. it is just an expression for the admiration to Shitan and the respect for his knowledge/persona. In fact, you don't need to be the formal teacher or master of somebody to have them call you "sensei".... I once held a small presentation in Tokyo in front of elderly people I had never met before.. to my embarrassment they were referring even to me as "sensei".. so it depends on the situation as well as on the "overall position" of the person in the group (village in XG).. Because Shitan is the most (at least one) knowledgable person in the town all village people refer to him as "sensei".. or this would at least be natural in Japanese culture.. also Shitan does medical treatment for the village people, didn't he? This would be one more reason...

- Infsen

Chapter 08: the silence in the woods

Elly: "'The Shepherds, -Abel-, took control over the surface dwelling -Lambs- ... possessing the right to give life and death unto them as they see fit...'"
(The webmistress of Guardian Angels was told that -Abel- was -Ahuras- in the Japanese version, but that's incorrect.)

"I don't know where Guardian Angels got "Ahuras", but according to Japanese sites, the word [Abaru] (pronounced "Abal") used for describing the Solarians has the meaning of "followers of Abel", or "the Abel-ites", who are, of course, the Shepherds.
I don't think the description "-Abel-" is a mistake. It's just how they decided to translate it. Remember, it's not an exact science. ^_^; "
- Jinx

Chapter 11: in hottest sands

Grahf: "Hah, hah, hah... You resemble your father."
Fei: "My father? You mean my dad? You know my father!?"

(ERROR: None, but this quote is one of the most infamous lines in this game and people constantly make fun of it.)

"So, looking at that section of the script, a more literal translation would be like this:
Grahf: ''Ha ha ha... Quite a resemblance (Or: ''Hm hm hm... There's a real resemblance'')... To your father (Or, more literally, maybe ''the'' father... To me it's almost like Grahf is just thinking aloud here.).''

Fei: ''My father? My old man? (Or: Dad? Or: Pops? As in, this second one is more introspective, and Fei uses a more intimate word, kinda like ''dad'' or something.) You... you know my old man? (As in: ''How/why do you know my father?'')''
So, yeah, the official script is just an incredibly awkward way of putting it D: Thus, it has become legendary, and even I knew about it heading into my playthrough of this (otherwise) excellent game."

- whatsarobot

"Fei's line with the "Father, you mean my dad" in Japanese sounded alright when it was localized.
"Chichi-oya? Oyaji? Omae, oyaji o shi-tteiru no ka!?"

Chichi-oya = polite way of saying 'father'.
Oyaji = some males use it to refer to their father.

If I were to translate it, I'd go with, " 'Father'...? You mean my old man?! You know my old man?!"
I guess they went with 'dad' because at that time, no one was familiar with the term 'oyaji', save for those who were into Japanese."

- Yenie

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website: (The site disappeared in 2011, but you can search for http://moonreading.lunarpages.com/xeno/ in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Emperor: "Yes, the -Gospel-. We are the people expelled from paradise and forced to live on the cruel surface of the earth. We who fill this land will once again return to the presence of god in paradise and live there eternally. That is the -Time- of the -Gospel-. That -Time- is at hand."
Emperor: "Yes, the gospel. Banished from paradise together with god's slumber, it became unavoidable for we humans to live as foreigners on the harsh surface of the earth. Having filled the earth, we again enter the presence of god, return to paradise, and gain eternal life. That is the time (age) of the gospel. That time (age) is approaching."
[Translator's note: "The time (age) of the gospel..."
When there is a difference between reading and meaning in Japanese, the intended meaning is listed first, followed by the reading. I converted instances of meaning[reading] to reading(meaning) throughout the translations.]

Emperor: "We, the Gazel, must find god's resting place by then and resurrect him. That is our final prayer..."
Emperor: "Until then we Gazel must search for God's resting place, and revive him. If this does not come true......."

Citan: "Our final prayer?"
Shitan: "If it does not come true?"

Emperor: "Our final prayer to escape from the -Fate- that was determined at our genesis."
Emperor: "Then such has been our fate (destiny) from our genesis ......"
[Translator's note: "It depends upon our fate..."
This line troubles me quite a bit, and it seems that I'm not the only one who was thrown off by it. ^_- So don't trust me on this one.]

[Note: The translator was confused by this line which is in reference to the destruction of humanity that will occur at the Time of the Gospel if Deus is not resurrected. To learn more read the 'After Word' on page 302-303 in Xenogears: Perfect Works.]

Alternate translation:
Emperor: "Our final prayer to escape from the -Fate- that was determined at our genesis."
Emperor: "In accordance/through the fate from our Genesis, we..."

Citan: (Majesty... Is this the end...?)
Shitan: (Will we really face annihilation? Your Majesty...)

"This line here was probably overlooked because Richard Honeywood translated it as a really vague "is this really the end, your Majesty?". However, the sentence implies a very particular kind of end, namely, literal annihilation. Shitan here, speaking to himself, is questioning the Emperors words about whether they'll be destroyed. And Shitan's sentence is not reduced to the Gazel and Cain, for it seems to include himself and others too. While the flashback cut, Shitan informs here of what Cain said afterwards, which was "...will be obliterated"."
- Anonymous

Chapter 18: the Madonna of Nisan

Fei: (Oh, it's you Bart!? Don't scare me...!)
Bart: (Sorry-dorry. It sounds like Sig and your doctor friend know each other pretty darn well... Sig... Damn, I thought I knew everything about that guy!)

(ERROR: None, but "sorry-dorry" has been questioned.)

"So, Bart says "Suman, suman." Which is like a lighthearted/casual way of saying "sumimasen," which means "sorry" or "excuse me."
"Sorry-dorry" isn't wrong, it just sounded clumsy to me. I'd volunteer something like "Oh, uh, sorry," or "Sorry, man," as an alternative. I guess it comes down to aesthetic preference."

- whatsarobot

Chapter 19: the desperate counterattack

"Don't call me son cuz you sure ain't my pops"

The translation is actually good.. kinda! Since the pun wont work in English.... "bôzu" can mean "son", "kid", Like in "Dont fool around, kid!" Like an older man talking to an unexperienced younger man... well like in the XG scene.. Fei turns this line around! (You have to know that bôzu can also mean "buddhist priest".. where this double meaning comes from.. no idea".. ANYWAY, I WOULD SAY: "Dont call me bôzu, pop/old man! I wont be reciting any Sutras for ya, if ya pass out/die!"
- Infsen

Chapter 20: Evil in scarlet

Maitreya: "... What was that? That guy just now?"
Fei: "... It's them... Why them...? What did they do?"

(ERROR: It's not "them," its "him" - meaning Grahf. Also, Maitreya was named Miroku in the original version)

MIROKU: Wh... What was that? Did he just..?!? (lit.: that guy from a moment ago)... "guy" in a pejorative sense...you also could translate: "Whats with that guy that just appeared?"
FEI: It.. its him... why is he... what the hell has he done???

Hmmm.. yeah here the translation is pretty messed up. Clearly shoudnt be "them"... Fei means Grahf.
- Infsen

Chapter 22: to be a hero of the battling

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: Faster than we expected...
(Blue 1): Faster than predicted......

Gazel: The awakening of the untouchable one...
(Red 3): The awakening of the untouchable one......

Gazel: It has been 3 years since we heard any news. According to the memory cube, 'he' is currently in Nortune, the Imperial capital of Kislev.
(Blue 4): It has been 3 years since news of him ceased. According to the reports from the memory cubes he is currently in the Kislev Imperial Capitol, Noatun.
[Translator's note: "It has been 3 years..." I made a connection between this line and the "untouchable one" from the proceeding line, as it's a reference to Fei's disappearance after the events at Elul.]

Gazel: Detestable... Vexing... Cursed...
(Blue 3): Abominable...... Abominable...... Abominable......

Gazel: If only 'he' did not exist, the Lambs would not have been turned into the 'Animus'. It has been 500 years since our fall in the 'Days of Destruction' that 'he' caused... We would not have had to do this in such a troublesome manner, as we do now.
(Red 1): If not for his presence, lambs would not have become "Animus". 500 years since the Days of Collapse. It was ended, without our choosing it, by troublesome means similar to the present case.
[Translator's note: Days of collapse = Diabolos Collapse, where the old men all were killed, and thus weren't able to manipulate anything.]

Gazel: The excavation of the 'Anima Relics' in each area is proceeding as planned. It's too late to change things now. But in the future, we'll shape what will be.
(Blue 2): The excavation of the "Anima Vessels" is proceeding smoothly in all areas. Looking back at this late hour will not change the facts. However, the future is in our hands to calculate.

Gazel: Fade... Vanish... Disappear...
(Blue 3): Eliminate...... Eliminate...... Eliminate......

Gazel: Although, we do not know which route it flowed from... ... we're fortunate the 'gate keeper' was activated.
(Red 2): In such case, though we do not know the route by which it strayed, the activation of the gatekeeper was unexpectedly fortunate.
[Translator's note: "In such case...," "Gatekeeper"
This line cleaned up nicely. Nagareru, which was first translated as 'flow', can also mean to stray when applied to weapons (think large, anthropomorphic ones in this case). What's a gatekeeper? A device that allows passage through the Solaris gate, but more significantly in this case it is a tracking device.]

Gazel: From the 'Ethos'? Or...
(Red 3): From the "Church"? Or perhaps......

Gazel: It doesn't matter. Although...
(Blue 1): It does not matter which. However......

Gazel: So are you saying that we mustn't break Ignas' equilibrium?
(Blue 2): We must not break Ignis's equilibrium...... So it suggests.

Gazel: Well, it is the surface... and that land is unclean!
(Red 4): The earth is after all the earth. That is a land of uncleanliness.

Gazel: That is merely an excuse.
(Red 1): That is no more than an excuse.

Gazel: It's a justifiable reason. Even Cain would not object.
(Red 3): It is a justifiable reason. If presented this, Cain too would have no objections.

Gazel: But we can't use the 'Gaetia Key'. Not until the proper time comes.
(Blue 4): But we cannot use the "Lesser Goetia Key". Not until the inevitable time.

Gazel: There's a third fleet in Bledavik. Their reserve units will do.
(Red 4): The 3rd Fleet is in Breidablik. Its remaining troops should be sufficient.

Gazel: Oh, his fleet. Your orders?
(Red 2): His fleet, then. The orders?
[Translator's note: Ramsus' fleet, assumably.]

Gazel: To purge. Give no motives. If he knew our motives, it's obvious he'd do something unpredictable.
(Blue 1): A purge. Do not tell him the true intent. That he would act outside our orders should he know is plain to see.

Gazel: But, wouldn't we need more men to raze the entire area of Nortune?
(Blue 4): However, to raze the entire Noatun area would not so little military power be insufficient?

Gazel: There is an ancient reactor in Nortune. We'll use that. The half-life fallout will be 1000 years. Nothing will be able to live within 300 kelts of the explosion. However, they've lived through that before. They won't perish that easily.
(Red 1): There is an ancient nuclear reactor in Noatun. We will use that. The half-life is 1000 years. Nothing will be able to live within 300 kelts of it. Just as before. However, people survived despite it. Our flesh. Such a minor thing will not destroy them.
[Translator's note: "Just as before..."
Past nuclear apocalypse = the destruction of Zeboim? If so, this passage reflects Miang's imperative-- to purify mankind through a succession of purges until it is fit to become the body of god.
"Our flesh."
This line is apparently absent in the English version.]

Gazel: But, we must at least eliminate 'him'.
(Blue 2): But he at least must be eliminated.

Gazel: Yes. There's nothing we need from there. So be it, take care of it.
(Red 4): Yes. There is nothing left there that we must obtain. Disposal is in order.

Gazel: If it is a direct hit...
(Blue 4): If it is to be a direct strike......

Gazel: Well then...
(Red 3): Then......

Gazel: Your orders are given.
(Blue 1): Let us set down the order.

Chapter 23: Creeper in the darkness

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Emperor: "Has he awoken...?"
Emperor: "So he has awakened......"

Citan: "Yes. Twice... no... three times to be exact. May I ask you this...? Why would he be moved to a place like this...? Was it the elders?"
Shitan: "Yes. Twice...... or perhaps more accurately three times. ...... If I may inquire, why was he sent to such a place as this...? Are the Elders......"
[Translator's note: "More accurately three times..."
First in Lahan, second in the desert, and third in the sewers?
"Are the Elders..."
...trying to test him? Cain would likely be unaware of this move on the part of the Church. Perhaps this is what tips him off, as he later goes to the ministry with findings of the Church's below-board operations.]

Emperor: "Nay. They're hoping for a more immediate disposal. I don't blame them. They have a deeply etched fear of him."
Emperor: "Nay. They desire a more immediate disposal. That is not unreasonable. He is the object of a "fear" that is etched into the core of their memories, after all."
[Translator's note: "He is the object of a "fear"..."
Subject addition - he equals Fei, or more generally the contact. The line harks back to the days of collapse, when a certain very disgruntled Contact killed all of the (remaining) ministers.]

Citan: "Then..."
Shitan: "Then......"

Emperor: "Yes. Probably..."
Emperor: "Yes. It is likely."

Citan: "It would be hasty to dispose of him now. I do not think it is too late to wait until we find out his purpose..."
Shitan: "It is somewhat hasty to dispose of him now. I do not believe it is so late that we cannot wait until his purpose becomes clear."

Emperor: "If that is your judgment, then, so be it."
Emperor: "If that is your judgment, so shall it be done."

Citan: "Your will is my will, your Majesty. Well then, allow me to..."
Shitan: "As you command. Well then, I will......"

Emperor: "Wait a moment..."
Emperor: "Wait a moment......"

Emperor: "... I see..."
Emperor: "......I see......"

Citan: "Yes...?"
Shitan: "What is it...?"

Emperor: "Their judgement... has been handed down..."
Emperor: "Their decision...... is handed down."

Citan: "... What is it, then...?"
Shitan: ".....and, what is their order......?"

... A purge!
......A purge.

Chapter 26: Purge!

Fei: "Only two... enemies, huh?"
(ERROR: It was pointed out by Xenogears: God and Mind fan site that this translation gave Fei a pretty smug tone that was inappropriate for Fei's character.)

Japanese: "Enemies are two."

Chapter 28: Head for a new land

Gazel: Moreover, we learned that 'he' was on the transferred ship. Ramsus was probably after 'him'.
Gazel: ... So it was the trauma.
Gazel: Nay. In this case, Knigret... It was the severe external wounds.

(ERROR: It says "Knigret" instead of "neglect", and "external wounds" instead of "negative trauma".)

"that sentence is really troublesome. Romanized, it would be: Iie. Kono baai wa nigret... inseigaishou darou...
That would be: No. In this case, it seems to be nigret... negative trauma...
Nigret seems to be the name used to call that "negative trauma". The word doesn't exist in Japanese as far as I know. I googled it up in Japanese and people seem to be at a loss about why the hell Square came up with that word for. xD
In one site it says that Id was born from "Nigret" and right after that the words "negative trauma" between periods.
All in all, it seems just a name they came up with, for a concept they came up with(as far as I know, but I'm no psychologist), which is negative trauma. And no way is it used as a vocative, the way it is interpreted in the English script, since it goes right behind the particle wa."

- LastFencer

It's saying "No, in this case, neglect.. the negative trauma might have caused it."
- Soraya Saga (co-creator, script writer for Xenogears)

Others have translated "negative trauma" as "internal trauma".

Gazel: If it is Aquvy, Krelian's headed that way.
Gazel: Krelian? Himself? What for?
Gazel: It seems they've found it. For over 4000 years he searched for Zeboim's legacy.

(ERROR: It says Krelian searched for over 4000 years, but Krelian was born roughly 500 years ago.)

Japanese: "It seems he has found it. The 4000 years lost legacy of Zeboim that he kept searching for."

The following is a retranslation of the entire Gazel conversation by the now defunct "An Eye for the Infinite" website. They thought "neglect" was "nigredo" though, so I changed that here:

Gazel: Disobedience... Ramsus' orders are to excavate the 'Anima Relics' in Ignas... and to watch over the Lambs. What is he......
(Red 3): Disobedience...... Ramsus' duty should be the excavation of "Anima Vessels" sleeping in Ignis and supervision of the lambs. He has......

Gazel: We can recover the 'Anima Relics' anytime. Moreover, we learned that 'he' was on the transferred ship. Ramsus was probably after 'him'.
(Blue 1): The "Anima Vessels" can be collected at any time. Moreover, it is confirmed that "he" was in the transferred ship. Ramsus was likely going after him.

Gazel: ... So it was the trauma.
(Blue 3): ......it is the trauma, then.

Gazel: Nay. In this case, Knigret... It was the severe external wounds.
(Red 4): Nay. In this case, it is neglect...... Internal trauma.

Gazel: According to the memory cube... we've found multiple subjects around 'him' that possess the 'Animus' factor.
(Red 1): According to the reports from the memory cubes there are several surrounding "him" that have the potential to become "Animus".

Gazel: Is it -Sufradi-, the subject of the M Project?
(Blue 4): The Sufradi (Subject of the M Project) is it not?
[Translator's note: When there is a difference between reading and meaning in Japanese, the intended meaning is listed first, followed by the reading (in brackets, in this case). I reversed the notation to fit English, so that the Minister says sufradi and thinks subject of the M Project. As for what the passage means, I suspect it's referring to Rico.]

Gazel: Yes.
(Red 1): Yes.

Gazel: Coincidence?
(Blue 2): A coincidince?

Gazel: Nay, it is beyond that. They were either attracted to 'him' or...
(Blue 3): Nay, it would be too great. They gravitated to "him"......

Gazel: Unexpectedly, it's developing into the same condition as 500 years ago.
(Red 2): Unexpectedly, the circumstances have developed similarly to 500 years ago.

Gazel: That does not rule out the possibility he planned it this way intentionally.
(Red 3): It is not impossible that he manipulated events to this end.

Gazel: The transfer point is Aquvy... It's near the Thames.
(Blue 2): The transfer point is Aquavy...... Near the Thames.

Gazel: If it is Aquvy, Krelian's headed that way.
(Blue 1): If it is in Aquavy Karellen is headed there.

Gazel: Krelian? Himself? What for?
(Blue 4): Karellen? Personally? For what?

Gazel: It seems they've found it. For over 4000 years he searched for Zeboim's legacy.
(Blue 1): I seems he has found it. The 4000 years lost legacy of Zeboim that he kept searching for.

Gazel: Legacy... Is that the technology he was talking about?
(Red 3): The legacy...... Meaning, the technology he spoke of before?

Emperor: Yes. Molecular engineering...... nanotechnology. The land of all creations, the capital of Zeboim culture... resting beneath the ocean of Aquvy. For 19 years, the 'Ethos' kept it secret.
Emperor: Just so. Molecular engineering...... Nanotechonolgy. The land of the genesis, the capitol of the Zeboim civilization sleeps beneath the sea floor of Aquavy. Though its existence was hidden from us by the "Church" for over 19 years.

Gazel: Is this acceptable, Cain?
(Red 2): Is that acceptable, Cain?

Emperor Cain: "Yes, it will do for now."
Emperor Cain: "Yes, it will serve as yet."

Gazel: 19 years... That coincides with the time when the earth shifted...
(Red 1): 19 years...... It coincides exactly with the year that the earth's surface shifted......

Gazel: Indeed.
(Blue 3): I see.

Gazel: But, I don't understand. That technology doesn't seem that crucial to us...
(Red 4): However, we cannot comprehend it. We do not think that technology is so essential.

Gazel: He is still a Lamb. Giving him the ability to do as he wishes is questionable.
(Blue 2): He is a lamb. Consider what he would do if allowed too much freedom.

Gazel: There are times when even we do not know what he is thinking.
(Red 1): Since there are times that we do not understand what he is thinking.

Emperor Cain: "Let it be. I will take responsibility for that. On another matter... Weren't you all going to... 'eliminate' it?"
Emperor Cain: "Enough. I will take responsibility for that concern. On another matter...... Did you...... intend to eliminate him?"
[Translator's note: "Intend to eliminate him..."
There is no object in the original text to indicate who or what Cain is talking about. The path the conversation takes from this point suggests Fei, however, and that I have assumed. Such a case gives us a very early look at the Ministry's real intent for their leader...]

Gazel: It's just by chance.
(Blue 4): What? It was pure accident.

Gazel: It is probable the location is Ignas.
(Red 3): The location was Ignis. It was a matter of probability.

Gazel: Anyway, I never believed it would be eliminated so easily.
(Blue 1): Besides, we do not think that little would eliminate him.

Gazel: The purge was a failure. This shall never happen again.
(Red 2): The purge itself ended in failure. It will not happen again.

Gazel: If the 'Animus' are together, it is all the more reason.
(Red 4): If the "Animus" are gathering, all the more reason.

Gazel: Yes.
(Blue 2): Indeed.

Gazel: Cain, why are YOU so concerned about it? To us, 'he' is insignificant...
(Blue 1): Cain. Why are you this concerned with this? With "he", who offers us no advantage......

Gazel: It could only be a poison to us. It could never be a remedy.
(Red 1): It is not possible to make medicine from that which is poison.

Gazel: 'Anonelbe'... You don't still believe that, do you?
(Red 3): "Ahnenerbe"...... You cannot still believe in it, can you?

Gazel: That is merely an illusion. Not even an ideal.
(Blue 4): Such things are illusions. Not even ideals.

Gazel: The result... is what I am now. It is as you see it.
(Blue 3): The result... is this form. Just as you see it.
[Translator's note: This passage is apparently absent in the English version. The word sugata refers to a bodily/physical form-- in the Ministry's case, the SOL-9000 - implying that by indulging in dreams like the Ahnenerbe Cain will unleash another catastrophe like the Diabolos Collapse.]

Gazel: Or rather... Is it the 'emotion' you have long forgotten?
(Red 2): Or perhaps...... It is from your long buried and forgotten "emotions"?

Emperor Cain: "..."
Emperor Cain: "......"

Gazel: Cain, we are 'gods'.
(Blue 1): Cain. We are "god".

Chapter 33: Ramsus' blitz

ARMOR GROUND (Name of the Thames'/Tamuz's ship deck.)

"That 'Armor Ground' term is bugging the hell out of me. It sounds a lot like an overly literal translation of the two kanji that make up [][], the Japanese word for ship deck."
- Hokuto

Chapter 36: the cruiser full of zombies

Bloody: Um... I'm counting on you.
Billy: "(It's my buddy!! I'll call him over here!)"

(ERROR: Bloody is specifically referring to his "big brother" and Billy says his line in response to this. This translation is utterly bad.)

"Now this is lovely translation. Bloody doesn't actually call on an unknown party: his line in the original script reads roughly "Blargh ... you take care of the rest, big brother ..."
And Billy's actual response is more like: "'Big brother', is it?! Better call for it [i.e. the gear] now."

- Soricidus

Chapter 37: faith

Verlaine: "Saving orphans and refugees... that may seem like works of mercy. But the little boys and girls kept here were actually used as a means to satisfy the desires of the pontiff and bishops. Indulging in selfish desires... This is not 'conduct befitting priests'!"
(Pretty much translated perfectly. Someone wanted to confirm this line.)

"Oh dear, that pretty much removes all doubt. "Yokubou" is used, which means desire with the implied context of lust. The line itself was pretty much translated perfectly, too. I think Square really went there after all..."
- Sky Render

Gazel: All that was needed was to fulfill the duty. Now, I sense a thought of greed.
Gazel: A selfish creed... I question his... faith.
Gazel: We have no need for an organization of fanatics.
Gazel: We will seek what they will... it's their nature.
Gazel: But, too much is undue, something must be done. A reprimand is necessary.

(ERROR: Line two and four here are really badly translated.)

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: All that was needed was to fulfill the duty. Now, I sense a thought of greed.
(Blue 1): Better if they simply fulfilled their allotted duty than giving rise to a needless greed.

Gazel: A selfish creed... I question his... faith.
(Blue 3): Unapproved doctrines, beliefs...... It is an issue.

Gazel: We have no need for an organization of fanatics.
(Red 2): We have no use for an organization become fanatic.

Gazel: We will seek what they will... it's their nature.
(Blue 2): To seek preservation is the human condition.

Gazel: But, too much is undue, something must be done. A reprimand is necessary.
(Red 4): But it [it=the Church] is so far gone as to be irredeemable. An example must be made.

(Red 1): The organization was fated to be abandoned from the beginning. It is not something to be concerned with now.

(Blue 4): Correct. We gain nothing from its continued existence.

(Blue 1): It has already sufficiently carried out it's purpose. Currently "dealing with each region".

(Red 3): Stein is supervising the disposal in Aquavy.

Gazel: Bear in mind the need for a 'fitting solution'.
(Red 2): And providing instruction on "deserved punishment".

(Red 4): We will be dealing with that as well in this strike, will we not?

(Red 1): Be that as it may, Karellen...... is going to great lengths. It is only molecular machinery. For what does he put forth such effort?

(Blue 3): For us, "human" and "machine" have the same meaning.

(Blue 1): That is so. Both are the same......

Chapter 39: the girl in a coma

Seraphita: "What! ... But... When people do you a kindness you should always say thank you. That's what grandma always said... But, I'm impressed, Tolone! 'Psychologically superior'? Your 'Gin n'tonic Futon Brain' cyborg implants sure make you smart!"
Tolone: "That's 'Positronic-photon Brain', you idiot! 'Gin n'tonic Futon'...? You make me sound like I'm a sleepy drunk! (It's already bad enough as it is... 'Positronic-photon Brain Cyborg'... That's bound to get us into trouble with the makers of 'Star Trech'!)"

(ERROR: 'Gin n'tonic' was 'Polychlorotoluene' and Tolone's parenthesised sentence was not in the original script.)

"See, I have some sympathy for the translators here. Translating puns is never easy and arguably they managed to improve on it. (The word they've replaced with "gin'n'tonic" is literally, I kid you not, "polychlorotoluene".)
But that clumsy parenthesised sentence with the painfully embarrassing "Star Trech"? Not in the original. Someone looked at the English script without that, and found it lacking, and then looked again after adding it and thought it was better.

- Soricidus

Chapter 40: the road to the sky

Gazel: They exist because of their 'mother'.
(ERROR: 'They' should be 'we.')

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: You're back...? Well, find anything?
(Blue 1): So you have returned...... And? Did you find what you aimed to?

Krelian: "Yes. I have obtained a colony of nanomachines."
Karellen: "Yes. I have obtained a colony of nanomachines."

Gazel: How unsound.
(Blue 3): Such lunacy.

Gazel: In any case, is the M Project proceeding as planned? We need superior bodies and servants.
(Blue 4): Beyond that, is the M Project proceeding smoothly? We require more perfect bodies and servants.

Gazel: We've spent far too much time here. We can't afford to mistake the ultimate destination of this new civilization.
(Red 4): Overwhelming numbers of years have passed as this place is prepared. We must not mistake the direction of this civilization we are predicted to gain.

Gazel: They exist because of their 'mother'.
(Red 2): It is for the "mother's" sake that we exist.

Krelian: "Hmm. You've betrayed your 'mother', your 'creator', just to sustain your own egos. You have no right to speak so..."
Karellen: Hah. The words of those who once betrayed the mother who is their "Creator" in order to sustain their own egos, I see......

Gazel: That was... foolish, that was the past. When we were trapped in that cursed flesh... But now, it is different.
(Red 4): That is......a past folly. A matter from the time when we were imprisoned in the curse of flesh...... It is different now (presently).

Krelian: "I'll take no orders from you. You have lost that flesh long ago, and now reside in the SOL-9000 as data. Did you forget who revived you in there? What may be an eternity to man is but a moment to a god. I have no need for hesitation."
Karellen: "I will not take orders from you. You cannot have forgotten who revived you as data in that SOL-9000 after you lost your bodies. Years that may seem an eternity to humans are the second of a blink to god. There is no time for hesitation."

Chapter 41: listen to the songs of the winds

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: ... Useless. They allowed contact with Shevat...
(Blue 1): ......He is useless. To allow them contact with Shevat......

Gazel: There is an 'Anima Relic' in Shevat... ... We can't afford to have them align before preparations are complete.
(Red 2): There should be an "Anima Vessel" in Shevat...... If it is aligned before our preparations are put in order, it will be a bit troublesome.

Gazel: It's meaningless if it is not compatible with our type.
(Blue 3): If our yorishiro type is incompatible with it, it is meaningless.
[Translators note: Our yorishiro type...
Yorishiro is an interesting word. It is associated with Shintoism, and means a physical medium into which kami and spirits can descend - anything from rocks and trees to whole mountains, even animals. The use of this word emphasizes how the members of the Gazel Ministry view themselves as the spirit of God.]

Gazel: You want to bury all of Shevat?
(Blue 4): Are we to disregard Shevat, then?

Gazel: What of the 'Animus'?
(Red 4): What about the "Animus"?

Gazel: There are others. We must respond severely so this doesn't happen again.
(Red 2): There are others. We must respond completely so that this is not repeated.

Gazel: What about the Shevat gate? As long as it is there, we can't get in.
(Blue 2): How will we deal with Shevat's Gate? So long as it is there, we cannot invade.

Gazel: Easy. We just use Achtzehn's gravity cannon to compensate for the time-space warp.
(Blue 4): Why, simply compensate for the time distortion with the Achtzehn's Gravity Cannon.

Gazel: Achtzehn? Is it operational?
(Red 1): Achtzehn? Is it operational?

Gazel: Re-education is complete. It is ready. The airborne squad is already assembled.
(Blue 4): The re-education is complete. It is ready. The assembly of it's decent unit too is complete.

Gazel: Any side effects?
(Red 4): Its effect on the human body?

Gazel: The regulated 71st Airborne should have no problems.
(Red 3): The 71st decent unit which has completed adjustment should have no problems.

Gazel: Well then, I look forward to this.
(Red 2): We look forward to this.

Chapter 43: the legacy of the father

Nikolai: I see... You're a giant native lifeform of this planet... You're not... a young Rankar. Species name, dotesque Chu-Chupolin (intellect, astronomically low)! They still haven't gone extinct yet?
(ERROR: It says "native" when it should say "primitive" lifeform.)

That actually looks like a reasonably accurate translation, except for the word "native". It's possible that they got [][] and [][] confused, because the first two kanji are the same, and the latter two look so similar. I think the proper translation in this case is "primitive", which should make a lot more sense.
- Spherix

Chapter 45: prayer of Maroeur

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: Allowing the contact with Shevat......
(Blue 1): Allowing them contact with Shevat......

Gazel: Not only Shevat. The Ignas defeat, the Thames retreat. And yes, even Elru, you......
(Blue 4): Not only Shevat. The loss of Ignis. The retreat at the Thames. Yes, and Elul also, as I recall.

Gazel: Useless... as always......
(Red 4): You are useless, as always......

Gazel: A failure to begin with...
(Blue 2): You are a failure after all......

Gazel: 'Trash'...
(Red 1): "Trash"......

Ramsus: "W-what did you just say?"
Ramsus: "Ki, Kisama! What did you say?!"
[Translators note: The word kisama is too versatile. Though it is a derogatory 2nd person pronoun, it is also used as a straight curse as Ramsus does here. It is distinct from how Karellen uses it.]

Gazel: Hmph... It's the truth.
(Red 3): Hmph. It is the truth.

Gazel: And just what is that attitude? ...... You should show some loyalty.
(Red 2): And what is that attitude......? We expect you to show some loyalty.

Ramsus: "H, how dare you ridicule me by calling me 'trash'? Damn you! Guh... guhaah."
Ramsus: "How, how dare you ridicule me by calling me "trash"! Kisama--! Gu, Guah-"

Miang: "Calm down, Commander! It's not good for you. You still haven't recovered from the last battle!"
Miang: "Please calm yourself, Excellency! This will effect your health. Your wounds from the earlier battle are not yet fully healed! Your Excellency!"
[Translators note: I want to call attention to Miang's deferential language. Mother, lover, what have you, but Ramsus has higher rank. Also, I can find no precedence for the English version's translation of kakka (Ramsus's title) as commander.]

Gazel: It does not matter.
(Red 1): It matters not.

Gazel: The Lambs are probably on their way to destroying the gate. But, not this time...
(Blue 4): The lambs are likely on their way to destroy the gates. This time, surely......

Gazel: I'd like to see your 'intrinsic' powers.
(Blue 1): We want to see you "intrinsic power".

Gazel: If you aren't the 'trash' we think you are......
(Blue 1): If you mean to show us that you are not "trash"......

Ramsus: "Miang...... Launch the ship...... Get to him...... This time... I'll go myself... and I'll bring him down..."
Ramsus: "Miang...... Launch the warship...... Get to him...... I......will go...... This time...... I will bring him down......"

Miang: "Commander, you can't go out there like that!"
Miang: "Excellency, that is impossible in your condition!"

Kelvena: "Commander, request permission to handle the situation?"
Cherubina: "May I request that you leave this duty to us, Your Excellency?"

Miang: "You all?"
Miang: "You will...?"

Dominia: "We'll do our best to meet your expectations."
Dominia: "We will certainly give our all in order to meet His Excellency's expectations."

Kelvena: "Commander please, you must get medical attention......"
Cherubina: "So please, Excellency, get medical attention as quickly as possible."

Dominia: "To make our ideals a reality."
Dominia: "In order to put our ideals into practice."

Kelvena: "Well then, we are off."
Cherubina: "Well then, we are off."

Chapter 46: the shine of the Babel

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: So, there's one surface gate left.
(Red 3): One surface gate remains, then.

Gazel: Ramsus, he couldn't defend it...
(Blue 4): Cursed Ramsus, to fail to defend them is......

Gazel: What is the purpose of his existence...
(Blue 3): For what purpose does he exist......

Gazel: Once 'trash', always 'trash'. How much can one really expect?
(Red 4): "Trash" is "trash", after all. What can one expect from such a thing as him?

Gazel: However, it must not be aligned before the 'Animus' data is retrieved.
(Blue 1): But we cannot allow them to align before the "Animus" data is collected.

Gazel: You are right. There is a higher probability of not getting the proper type.
(Red 2): Correct. And so the probability that the proper type will be unobtainable grows higher.

Gazel: As it was in the past...
(Blue 2): As it did in the past......

Gazel: We can't allow the lambs to go free yet.
(Red 1): We cannot set the lambs free yet.
[Translator's note: Usually, lambs is rendered as ramuzu in katakana, but here it is the Japanese hitsujitachi, perhaps to further stress that the people are ignorant herds. The line seems to refer to the M Project - converting people into the Malahk hosts, the army of Deus.]

Krelian: "Who cares about the gate anyways."
Karellen: "The fate of the gate (protective barrier) is irrelevant, is it not?"

Gazel: Krelian...
(Blue 3): Karellen......

Gazel: This can't be. The panic has spread to Etrenank.
(Blue 1): We cannot allow that. the panic will spread even here to Etemenanki.

Krelian: "Those fools we call citizens are easily manipulated by the Emperor's words alone."
Karellen: "Those empty-headed masses known as citizens can be easily controlled by the slightest word from the Emperor."

Gazel: You think Cain will be receptive?
(Blue 4): Can we expect Cain to accept?

Gazel: His body's already at the limit, he can't hold out much more...
(Red 3): His body has already reached it's limits, after all.

Krelian: "As usual a clone may be used. Those fools won't know the difference. And even if the barrier fails, it still will not be like the disaster before. Anyhow... if I recall, there's some very intriguing data on that memory cube."
Karellen: "A dummy (imitation) will suffice, as usual. The fools will not recognize the difference. What's more, even if the gate (protective barrier) is breached, behaving as before will not draw any attention to it. More importantly...... There was something extraordinarily interesting in the report from the memory cubes."

Gazel: And what is that?
(Blue 2): And what is that?

Krelian: "The 'mother'."
Karellen: "The "mother"."

Gazel: The 'mother'?
(Red 1): The "mother", you say......?

Krelian: "Indeed. It is probable that the 'mother' exists among the Lambs."
Karellen: "Indeed. It appears that the "mother" exists among those lambs. "

Gazel: Are you telling us our 'mother' is somewhere else? Why didn't we notice that sooner...?
(Blue 4): Meaning that there are others of our "mother"? Why would we not have become aware of this until now......?

Krelian: "The sign of the 'mother'... Her persona, only appears after she reaches a certain age... There is also a high probability that she transmigrated into the 'Antitype'."
Karellen: "The sign of the "mother"...... The "mother" persona (guise) appears only after reaching a certain age...... And there is a high likelihood that this is the reincarnation of the "counter-existence"."

Gazel: The 'Antitype'... That woman from Nisan...?
(Blue 3): The "counter-existence"...... That woman from Nisan, then......?

Krelian: "Here... I would like to use that nanotechnology product, 'Emeralda'."
Karellen: "That was her...... I think we should use that product of Zeboim nanotechnology, "Emeralda"."

Gazel: What you retrieved from the Thames? Why?
(Red 4): That which you recovered from Thames? Why?

Krelian: "To be sure. As 'mother' says, that nanomachine colony... that artificial organism, was a creation between the 'Contact' and the 'Antitype' 4000 years ago."
Karellen: "For confirmation. As the "mother" says, that colony of nanomachines...... That artificial lifeform was created by the "contact" and the "counter-existence" 4000 years ago."
[Translator's note: He must mean Miang this time. Miang's interest in Kim's project made her indirectly responsible for the terrorist strike on the Kasim's lab.]

Gazel: The 'mother's' memory...
(Blue 1): The "mothers'" memories......

Krelian: "Yes, that is it. We can probably attain some kind of reaction. But even if we obtain no reaction, and if 'Emeralda' is destroyed, I've already gathered all the data I need. Any loss of it will have no consequence to the plan."
Karellen: "That exactly. Probably, we can obtain some kind of reaction. Furthermore, even if "Emeralda" is destroyed without our obtaining any reaction, The data collection on it is finished. Were we to lose it, that would in no way obstruct the plan."
[Translator's note: "The data collection..." I added an object to make this line's relation to Emeralda more apparent. From here down, it = Emeralda.]

Chapter 47: the depth

Citan: "You are the ones who left Kahr for the surface... You must have a good reason."
(ERROR: If you bring Citan here, he has this badly translated line. If you bring Elly and not Citan you have a better line:
Elly: "A follower of Krelian!? Not Ramsus or the Elements!?")

Emeralda: "It's me, Emeralda, Emeralda! Kim named me because I have emerald hair! Don't you remember...?"
Emerada: "It's Emerada! Emerada! Kim gave me that name because of my emerald hair! How've you forgotten..."

Chapter 51: suspicion

This chapter was originally called 'suspicion' rather than 'Krelian's Lab'. It turns out that whole level of Solaris' inner sanctum didn't belong to Krelian alone. As he says, that is the place of the Solaris researchers whom he calls "fools". His 'lab' is in the room where he keeps Elly. 'Suspicion' refers to Fei and Elly's suspicion of Citan.

Translation by Reichu (https://web.archive.org/web/20151107071820/http://xeno-underground.net/wiki/index.php?title=XG_Translation)

Elly: (Why... is the deactivation code for the door lock known?)
Ellie: (How does he know the door lock's release code?)

Fei: "Doc, wait..." "What's this facility for?"
Fei: Hold up, Sensei. What in the world IS this facility?

Citan: "This place was not meant to be seen since the origin of time. This facility centers around the Emperor and the Ministry's longevity experiments."
Shitan: Originally this was a facility used in part for the Gazel Ministry's longevity research. The Emperor, who reigns over them, is one who has lived on since primordial times and cannot be allowed to die.
[Many kudos to Numbers-kun for helping to make sense of this part. The first sentence here is so difficult that even Honeywood completely gave up on it, it seems. Some rewriting was necessary due to the bizarro grammar, but hopefully all of the information is now present. -Reichu]

Fei: "The origin of time?"
Fei: Primordial times?

Citan: "Yes... 10,000 years ago. Beings called humans were born here. The first were the Emperor and the Ministry's elders."
Shitan: Yes... 10,000 years ago. Creatures called humans were born upon this earth. Those first humans were Emperor Cain and the elders comprising the Gazel Ministry.

Elly: "How could a human... live 10,000 years...?"
Ellie: But that's-- How could humans live for 10,000 years?

Citan: "Now only the Emperor is left. His destiny is to never die. However, the Ministry is different. Once, during the Diabolos invasion... the Ministry elders died losing their bodies. Now, the Solaris governing Ministry exists as data in memory banks. Each of their personalities are bits of data."
Shitan: Naturally, that was only one person, the Emperor. He is a human whose destiny is to never die. But the Gazel's destiny was different. Due to the war with the former surface-dwellers... or, rather, because of the Diabolos' invasion, the old men of Gazel lost their bodies altogether. Now the Solaris-governing Gazel Ministry exists on memory banks, each of their respective personalities mere data.

Fei: "It's the data on the memory bank?"
Fei: Data on memory banks?

Citan: "Having neither flesh nor souls they are just binary numbers. They both exist and do not exist at the same time... After the Fall, wanting to resurrect their bodies, and create a worthy vessel, they transferred a research facility that was once the Soylent System on the land to Etrenank. Eventually the facility was no longer only for the Emperor's life and the Ministry's resurrection, but it began producing food and drugs with additives that controlled the public. The memory cube Fei and them were using was meant for obtaining living data. Of course, the 'Ethos' also sent various data to help."
Shitan: They are but numeric strings, having neither flesh nor soul. Immaterial existences... After the Day of Collapse, they became fixated upon their [lost] corporeality. Desiring resurrection, they transferred one of the Soylent Systems from the surface to Etemenanki so that it might produce suitable bodies. Eventually the institution, no longer limited to researching only the Emperor's longevity treatments and Ministry's corporeal resurrection, came to double as a facility researching organic weapons, along with special food and drug additives that would regulate public opinion. The memory cubes, too, which Fei and the others used without concern -- they are devices that were installed to collect surface-dwellers' bio-data. Of course, various data was also sent by the Church to help.

Fei: "That means we were living for those elderly people of Gazel?"
Fei: So, we were living day in and day out, all for those old Gazel fogies?

Citan: "Yes."
Shitan: Correct.

Elly: "They're transferring and taking living data via memory cubes to the Ministry so they can use them to resurrect their bodies!?"
Ellie: Individual bio-data is transmitted via the memory cubes every time a record is taken, to be put to use for the Ministry's physical resurrection?!

Citan: "Yes."
Shitan: Correct.

Fei: "You mean those mutants getting disassembled at that factory were too?"
Fei: You mean the demi-humans getting cannibalized at the factory were [for that purpose], too?

Citan: "Basically, they wish to reuse the useless dregs."
Shitan: I suppose it's like reusing the unusable dregs.

From "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: You brought about this spectacle.
That voice is the one which haunts you...
Cursed, untouchable one...
Oh god's beloved child, those who prevent our prayers...
Get... Destroy... Burn with god's fire...

(ERROR: It says "god's beloved child", seemingly referring to Fei, instead of "God's beloved children, us" which is meant to refer to the Ministry.)

Sono koukei omae ga umidashita mono. (That spectacle you created yourself)
Sono koe omae wo norou koe (That voice is the voice that curses/haunts you)
Imaimashiya, sawareuzarumono (Annoying, impossible to touch person)
Kami no itoshiki taru, warera no higan wo habamu oto (The sound/noise that hinders greatest wish of God's beloved children, us)
Tsukamaeraeyo..., horoseyo..., kami no honou de yakitsukuse... (Capture..., be destroyed..., burn out with God's flame)

Gazel: "Paradise... Hah hah hah.
That may be a proper description... Our ark...
In the center block lord 'Mahanon' is sealed in.
That is the source of god's wisdom... A paradise of knowledge..."

(ERROR: It says "lord Mahanon" but 'Mahanon' is the name of the center block.)

Rakuen ka... Fufufu. Sore wa tadashii mikata kamoshirenena... (Paradise... Hahaha. That might be a correct point of view...)
Warera no hakobune... Sono chuuou block "Mahanon" kami no fuuin sareshi bashou. (Our ark... The central block Mahanon is the place where God is sealed)

"The problem with this sentence seems to be that there is no punctuation mark between Mahanon and Kami, thus making the translator believe that Mahanon was applied to the word Kami, as is normal in English, but not so in Japanese, where the particle no "Mahanon no kami" would be the adequate way of saying Mahanon God, or Lord."
- LastFencer

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Fei: "Elly... Doc... You there? Uh, wha, what... Th, this... Uhhaaaaaahhh!!"
Fei: "Elly...... Sensei...... Are you here? Ugh- What's going on...... Th, this is...... Uwah----!
[Translator's note: Sensei is sometimes literally rendered as "one who lived before", and is an honorific that can be applied to masters of various disciplines such as teachers, doctors or artists. I think it's a beautiful word.]

Fei: "Unh... Huh? This is... Guh... gr.. Can't... get it. Uh... This is... What is this!? Why are you showing me this!? Who!? Who did this!? Elly! Doc! Where are you!? Where..."
Fei: "Un...... Huh!? This is... Urg...... No use, I can't break it. Ah...... This is...... What is this!? Why are you showing me these things!? Who are you!? Who's behind this!? Elly! Sensei! Where are you!? Where did they......"
[Translator's note: "Un..." is a sound someone makes when they're just waking up.]

You brought about this spectacle.
(This one was covered above already. For some reason, the translator for "An Eye for the Infinite" website got "God's beloved children, us" wrong just like the game. I guess it must be a tricky translation.)

Fei: "Wha...? Doc!? Th, these guys? What is this!? Bart!? Billy! Doc!! What's going on!? What are you all...? Doc! Answer me!"
Fei: Wh......? Sensei!? Wh, who are these people? What's going on!? Bart!? Billy! Sensei!! Wh, what is the meaning of this!? What's happening to them......? Answer me, Sensei!

Gazel: One of the Solaris Guardian Angels is here, Hyuga Ricdeau.
(Blue 1): This is one of the Solaris Guardian Angels, Hyuga Rikudou.

Gazel: This man is Cain... Receiving the orders from the one known as Emperor, you've entered his realm, and have been under his continued supervision...
(Red 1): Under the orders of Cain...... he whom you call the Emperor, this man proceeded to that place to continue monitoring you......

Fei: "Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me?"
Fei: Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me......?

Gazel: Oh yes. We've guided Solaris and even selected the 'Animus' which have been drawn to you. And guided you here to Solaris.
(Blue 2): Just so. A well as leading here to Solaris those who have gathered to you whom we have selected to become "Animus".

Gazel: The 'Animus' is needed for our resurrection... These are our bodies... This what we possess.
(Blue 1): The "Animus" are required for the revival of we who are disembodied. They are our flesh...... They are vessels.
[Translator's note: "They are vessels."
The Japanese here is odd. I cannot figure out the origin or meaning of this kanji compound that I assume should be read gudai. It may be a typo, and if so, yorishiro may be the intended word. Nonetheless, I will leave my translation until I have more information.]

Gazel: Yes, this is the only reason we exist...
(Red 2): Yes, they exist only for that......

Fei: "The bodies of Bart and the others belong to you? Is that true!? Doc! What they are saying?"
Fei: Bart and the others are your bodies......!? Is this true!? Sensei! Is what they're saying true......?

Gazel: Why so apprehensive? Is it that you were sold out by one you trusted?
(Blue 1): What upsets you so? Is it because you have been betrayed by one you trusted?

Fei: "I'm not talking to you guys! Doc, answer me!"
Fei: I'm not asking any of you! Answer me, Sensei!

Citan: "3 years..."
Citan: Three years......

Fei: "?"
Fei: ?......

Citan: "For three years I have been by your side. I had to determine whether you were going to be our enemy or not..."
Citan: These three years I have been at your side. I had to ascertain whether you would become our enemy or not......

Fei: "... Revenge?"
Fei: Enemy......?
[Translator's note: "Enemy..."
Normally read as kataki, but is sometimes used interchangeably with teki (enemy). It implies that Fei has a reason to avenge himself on Solaris and it's leadership.]

Gazel: Yes, the enemy. Your existence is a threat to us...
(Blue 1): Yes, an enemy. To us, you are a dangerous presence......

Gazel: It was necessary to keep an eye on you.
(Red 3): Thus, it was necessary to watch you.

Gazel: The one who ordered you to be watched was Cain...
(Blue 2): Though it was Cain who gave the order to observe you......

Gazel: We were planning on the maturation of the 'Animus', and your termination. We also sent Hyuga to you.
(Blue 1): We planned the selection of those "Animus" and the elimination of you who would become our enemy. We then sent Hyuga to you.

Gazel: However, every attempt to terminate you has failed... Because of that good for nothing trash...
(Blue 3): However, every attempt to eliminate you has failed. Thanks to that good for nothing trash......

Gazel: Even so, we now possess 'Animus'. Hyuga has fulfilled his duties well.
(Blue 1): Nonetheless, we have obtained "Animus". Hyuga has done his job well.

Fei: "Is... that it...? You were in with these guys... That's why you, everyone... Why! You've had your way all this time with us land dwellers! You already own the world! What more do you want?"
Fei: "It's true......isn't it......? You were in with them and we...... For that, the others are...... Why!? You control us surface dwellers however you want! It's the same as owning the world already! What could you be after beyond that!?"

Gazel: You must know by now that we plan to resurrect god.
(Red 3): You should know. Our goal is the resurrection of god.

Gazel: God will awaken from his long slumber after man has populated the land... Then, Mahanon too will awaken...
(Blue 2): when our people fill the earth, god will awaken from his long slumber...... At that time, Mahanon too will awaken......

Fei: "Aerial Paradise Mahanon? The place fell to earth..."
Fei: "The paradise in the heavens, Mahanon? The one said to have fallen to earth......"

Gazel: Paradise... Hah hah hah. That may be a proper description... Our ark... In the center block lord 'Mahanon' is sealed in. That is the source of god's wisdom... A paradise of knowledge...
(Blue 1): Paradise...... Hah hah hah. That may be a fitting view of it...... Our ark...... the central block "Mahanon" in which god is sealed. It is the source of god's wisdom...... A paradise of knowledge......

Gazel: Using that knowledge, we will resurrect the awakened god and build our 'ark' to take us both into the great universe.
(Red 1): Using that wisdom, we will revive the awakened god, and build the "ark" that calls us both into the universe.

Gazel: The construction of our ark... To reign over god's forces in this great universe... The creation of the angel 'Malakh'. The M Project was for that very purpose...
(Blue 2): The construction of our ark...... And the creation of the Malahk (angels)...... a divine army to reign over the universe. The M Project serves this purpose......

Fei: "What do you mean!?"
Fei: "What!?"

Gazel: We are orphans in this universe. We were thrown away onto this planet in solitude along with god.
(Red 4): We are orphans of the universe. We were abandoned in isolation on this planet along with god.

Gazel: We humans were not born on this planet. Long ago, we came here from another heavenly body. We are beings from an alien planet.
(Blue 1): Our people are not life forms native to this planet. We came to this world from another heavenly body in the distant past. We are alien beings.

Fei: "That's ridiculous!?"
Fei: "That's ridiculous!"

Gazel: This is true. You have seen the various regions of this world. Why do you think there are no records of humans before 10,000 years ago...
(Blue 4): It is not a lie. You yourself have seen the whole of the surface, correct? And that there is no human presence prior to ten thousand years ago......

Fei: "...!?"
Fei: "......!?"

Gazel: This is the will of god. The god's revival has been fated since before the time before genesis...
(Blue 1): This is the will of god. The revival of god has been destined since our genesis of old......

Gazel: We will be one with god. Attaining a new 'Animus'... We will once again return to the starry skies...
(Red 4): And we will become one with god. We shall obtain the new "Animus"...... and return to the heavens once again......

Gazel: That is the meaning of our existence.
(Blue 4): That is our purpose in existence.

Gazel: That is our supreme objective.
(Red 3): That is our supreme objective.

Fei: "So you're not planning on using Solaris' power to dominate the world?"
Fei: "......so your goal isn't to rule the world with Solaris's power?"

Gazel: Of course. What meaning is there in having control of a planet as insignificant as this? God has given us the right to rule over the universe.
(Blue 1): Of course not. What meaning is there in possessing one insignificant planet such as this...... God has given us the right to reign over the universe.

Gazel: Yes. Only we, who do not carry impure blood, have the right to a pardon...
(Red 1): Yes. Only we with no impurities of blood will be granted that indulgence (indulgence)......

Gazel: So, we will resurrect god.
(Blue 4): For that, we will revive god.

Gazel: It's been an eternity since our exile from paradise. If the time of god's revival does not come, we will have to follow the path to destruction. But...
(Red 2): An eternity has passed since our banishment from paradise. Should the revival of god not be complete by the time of the gospel, We will have to follow the path of destruction. But......
[Translator's note: Time of the gospel... The original phrase here, fukuin no koku, is similar but not identical to the one that Cain and Shitan use.]

Gazel: Having attained 'Animus', our resurrection is near... Next is god's resurrection.
Elder: As we now have "Animus" our revival is assured...... Next is god's revival, then......

Fei: "Krelian!?"
Fei: "Karellen!?"

Krelian: "This one only waits for the awakening..."
Karellen: "We only wait for this one's awakening......"

Fei: "Elly!!?"
Fei: "Elly!!?"

Chapter 52: the escape

Citan: "Ostensibly, I received a covert order from the Emperor to contact the body wanted by the Ministry and send the data... and if possible bring the body back. That was my duty. As a result, I had no choice but to deceive you. Please forgive me."

The word "nikutai" literally is "fleshly body"... physical appearance so to speak?.. I guess they chose "body" because the council indeed have lost their "bodies" :) But I agree, there may be a better word. The translation is not exactly on the mark here too, what makes "body" stick out even more... how about "to get in contact with the one who possesses the fleshly body the Council so desires..." ?
- Infsen

Chapter 53: the flame of hate

Krelian: "I really want to say it's a waste of time... but, I guess it's alright.
He probably made it easier to control it...

(ERROR: He says "He probably made it easier to control it" instead of "it became more controlled/suppressed".)

Mattaku, yokei na tema o to....... iitai tokoro da ga, maa yokasou. Sore de yori, seigyo ga kakujitsu ni natta omoeba...... na. Sore ni shi-temo... (I say it's a waste of time, but it's fine, I guess. On top of that, it became more controlled/suppressed. Nevertheless...)

"Well, that makes a lot more sense. 'It' is of course referring to Ramsus and the fact that he's losing makes him more controlled and easier for Krelian and Miang to manipulate. The official translation here really isn't good."
- Fan

"I wonder about that though. Shouldn't it use "Him" rather than "It" for it to refer to Ramsus? Or is there no difference in Japanese between referring to a human or an object?"
- Harrycombs

"^Doesn't calling Ramsus an 'it' reveal a lot about their views towards him? Seems effective to me."
- No_Mega

Krelian: "How can you continue to fight without a chance of winning..."
Miang: "Isn't that what you want? Though I induced you to feel that way...

Kate mo shinai tataki, yoku tsuzukerareru mono da... (A losing battle... how can you even think of continuing with it...)
Sore ga mokuteki deshou? Soushimuketa no wa watashi dakedo... (Wasn't that your objective? Though it seemed I have had a hand in persuading you...)

"The direct translation with the induced part is really induced, though I think they could’ve done better if they used another word..."
- Yenie

"How is Miang fighting a losing battle?"
- Fan

"I can't remember my Xenogears so... yeah. XD;;; but I'm speculating that the losing battle = probably Ramsus is a lost cause or something for Miang?"
- Yenie

Chapter 54: disgusting

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Emperor: "This is your conclusion...?"
Emperor: "So this is your conclusion......"

Citan: "Yes, your Majesty. This is the answer that I chose myself."
Shitan: "Yes, Your Majesty. This is the answer I was lead to."

Emperor: "Anonelbe... You think you can do it?"
Emperor: "Ahnenerbe...... You say it is possible?"

Citan: "Yes. Humans have the potential. Managers are no longer needed."
Shitan: "Yes. Humans have that potential. There is no need for stewards now."
[Translator's note: Stewards referring to all the old men, most particularly Cain himself, the "ultimate authority" over mankind. Apparently, the advent of the Ahnenerbe gives the people the power to make their own fate.]

Emperor: "The contact is not our enemy?"
Emperor: "The 'contact' is not our enemy?"

Citan: "Yes, as you say your Majesty, if Fei is..."
Shitan: "That is correct. It is as Your Majesty says, if Fei is the one......"

Emperor: "Then I leave it up to you... I atone for my crime by doing so..."
Emperor: "If he is, I shall entrust them to him. That is all I can do to atone......"
[Translator's note: "I shall intrust them to him..."
This line required the addition of two objects-- Fei as the secondary object, and "them", referring to the people that Cain shepherds.]

Citan: "It is rare to be able to talk to a real schizophrenic. As a scholar, I am extremely intrigued."
(ERROR: He says "schizophrenic" instead of "a person with multiple personalities".)

"In the bit about Citan's words, it says: "Anata no you na, hontou no tajuujinkakusha" That is: "A person with multiple personalities like you" From the top of my head I don't remember how schizophrenic was said in Japanese, but it certainly wasn't that."
- LastFencer

Citan: "Were there not times when he would be psychologically unstable? For example, he would be manicly depressive and then have sudden fits of rage..."

This is difficult.. the translation is not perfect but ok IMHO. The Japanese "sô-utsu" seems to be the equivalent to the pathological term "manicly depressive" indeed... in Japanese they don't even dare to use the Kanji (Chinese Characters) used for this.. since probably no Japanese person could even read it correctly lol ;D so they use only Hiragana. The problem with the translation though is, that it is slightly contradictive.. since manicly depressive already means that there are sudden fits of rage.. "manicly depressive" as I just learned means you have "extreme highs and downs" with no appropriate reason.. so it reads like "Fei would be extremely angry and extremely sad at times and then have sudden fits of rage..." :/ the Japanese formulation is a bit more lax and there is no real contradiction.. but what Citan essentially wanted to say is, like I said, "Fei would be extremely angry and extremely sad at times with no appropriate reason"...
- Infsen

Chapter 55: lost bonds

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: Cain... Making a ridiculous setup with Hyuga...
(Blue 2): Cursed Cain...... Planning this pointless farce with the likes of Hyuga......
[Translator's note: Refers to Shitan's leading Fei into the Ministry's hands, and then promptly helping him escape. Incidentally, the only related party who gained nothing from Fei's visit to Etemenanki was the Ministry.]

Gazel: He certainly has his deficiencies compared to our digitized existence, which permits us to use a higher level of logical thinking...
(Red 2): He clearly differs from we who have attained advanced logical faculties from being converted to data......

Gazel: He is restricted by his human form.
(Red 1): Cain is too caught up in his human form.

Gazel: Regardless... with just one machine, he annihilated Etrenank... His powers must not be underestimated...
(Blue 4): Be that as it may...... To destroy Etemenanki with a single machine...... His power cannot be made light of......
[Translator's note: This marks an abrupt topic shift to the Contact and the number he did on Etemenanki.]

Gazel: We're already short of time. The key, use the key...
(Red 3): Already, we are out of time. The key, use the key......

Krelian: "Even you are beginning to feel the pressure?"
Karellen: "Naturally you are a bit terrified, aren't you?"

Gazel: Krelian... What is Cain's situation?
(Blue 1): Karellen...... What is Cain's condition?

Krelian: "The usual life extension treatment. He'll hold out for... a little longer..."
Karellen: "Undergoing the usual life extension treatment. It should maintain him...... for a little longer."

Gazel: Does that mean we may not make it in time...?
(Blue 3): So there is a possibility that we will not be in time......
[Translator's note: This is a rare moment in which the Ministry refers to Cain as necessary to their scenario. They don't. I can't figure out the significance of this line.]

[Note: The translator was confused by this line which is in reference to the destruction of humanity that will occur at the Time of the Gospel if Deus is not resurrected. To learn more read the 'After Word' on page 302-303 in Xenogears: Perfect Works.]

Krelian: "I wouldn't know... You spoke of using the key. Can you be sure he can be eliminated?"
Karellen: "Who can say......? At any rate, did you speak of using the key? Is there any guarantee he can be removed?"
[Translator's note: "Is there any guarantee..."
Strict literalism seems to separate the meaning of this line from the rest of the passage. But also, I fail to see how using the Goetia Key would eliminate Fei. I assume Fei, because the next several lines refer to him.]

[Note: The translator was confused how using the Goetia Key would eliminate Fei. The answer is the possibility of him mutating along with other humans, which is what they discuss in the next few lines.]

Gazel: That we do not know. You know who he is...
(Red 3): We do not know. You know who the opponent is.

Gazel: If he is the 'contact', there is a possibility he may not transmigrate.
(Red 2): If he is the "contact" there is a possibility he will not mutate.

Gazel: It's an organism composed of multiple generations. It's a matter of probability.
(Red 4): He is a lifeform that recurs through the ages. It is a matter of probability.

Gazel: That does not mean we can just remain idle.
(Blue 1): For that reason we cannot remove ourselves from this.

Gazel: Yes. At this rate we are bound to make the same mistake. But we can't fail a second time.
(Red 3): Correct. At this rate it will be a repetition of our past failure. We will not be allowed another mistake.
[Translator's note: Past failure = Days of Collapse. The Ministers have commented before on how the current situation is similar to that which lead up to the Days of Collapse.]

Krelian: "Well, don't worry. I've sent Ramsus to deal with him."
Karellen: "Come now, don't be so impatient. I have sent Ramsus after him."

Gazel: What can a failure like him do?
(Red 4): What can that failure do?

Gazel: He couldn't even defend Etrenank. What can you expect from 'trash' like him?
(Red 1): We can expect nothing more from the "trash" that could not acceptably defend Etemenanki's airspace, can we not?

Krelian: "Even if he has the 'Anima Relic'?"
Karellen: "Even if he is given an "Anima Vessel"?"

Gazel: The 'Relic'...?
(Blue 3): A "Vessel", you say......?

Krelian: "The relic we recovered before has been aligned with his Gear. There shouldn't be any problems now. He should be able to use his full power."
Karellen: "I aligned his gear with one of the vessels that was recovered previously. Now there will be no reason for complaint. He should be able to demonstrate his true power."

Gazel: You're going to take the task yourself? Although he transmigrated, wasn't he once one of you? I don't understand you.
(Blue 4): You mean that you will do this yourself? Transmigrated though he may be, he was once your ally, was he not? You are incomprehensible.
[Translator's note: Refers to Karellen's alliance to Lacan, the previous Contact, in the Shevat-Solaris War.]

Krelian: "I've thrown away all feelings of human emotion. All I need is 'her'."
Karellen: "I long ago abandoned those emotions known as the human heart. All I require now is "her"."

Gazel: But isn't that also an emotion?
(Blue 2): That too is called emotion, is it not?

Krelian: "... Of course."
Karellen: "......Of course."

Gazel: Is that a blunder...
(Blue 2): Is that a bluff, then......?

Krelian: "You are irritating... Do you wish to cease your existence?"
Karellen: "You are irritating. Do you want to be erased here and now?"

Gazel: Fine. We shall leave it at that.
(Blue 1): Very well then, we shall leave it at that.
[Translator's note: I want to call attention to the fact that this line demonstrates that the Ministers know that their fates are in Karellen's hands.]

Chapter 56: shot down

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: What do you mean... he's still alive...!?
(Blue 3): What!? Then he is alive......

Krelian: "Yes."
Karellen: "Yes."

Gazel: Ridiculous. Didn't Ramsus shoot him down?
(Red 4): Unbelievable. Didn't Ramsus shoot him down?

Krelian: "She was also on the Gear that Ramsus shot down. I won't have her die."
Karellen: "She was riding in the gear he shot down. Her death would be unfortunate."
[Translator's note: When Karellen says kanojo (=she) that only ever means one person: Elehaym. Incidentally, in colloquial Japanese, kanojo has an additional meaning of girlfriend.]

Gazel: But, there is already a 'mother'... Although she may be the 'Antitype', as long as the current mother exists...
(Blue 3): We already have a "mother", do we not...? Even if she is the "counter-existence", As long as we have the present "mother"......

Krelian: "As far as I see it, that is not complete."
Karellen: "I cannot call that completion."

Gazel: Quite picky aren't you...? Didn't you say you threw away all human emotions?
(Red 2): You are quite concerned with this...... Didn't you cast off your human emotions?

Krelian: "I don't care what you think. Anyway... As far as he is concerned, I will put Ramsus onto him. Any objections? Where is he presently?"
Karellen: "This is pointless...... I will send Ramsus after him. Are there any objections? Do you know his current location?"

Gazel: Etrenank is destroyed, but part of the memory cube is still active. We should still be able to locate individuals.
(Blue 4): Though Etemenanki is destroyed, part of the memory cube's functions are still active. It can still specify the locations of individuals.

Gazel: Wait a moment... He has left the crash site and is heading towards Ignas.
(Blue 1): Wait a moment...... He has left the crash site, and is en-route to Ignis.

Krelian: "I see. So he has left the area... (That means... it is only a matter of time before the seal is broken...)"
Karellen: "I see. He has left that place. (Which means...... it is only a matter of time until the seal is lifted......)"
[Translator's note: Karellen certainly set this up nicely. Sending out Ramsus in order to force Fei to crash near Taura's place, banking on the sage tipping the kids off about the genetic limiters, so that when they undo them, as Karellen wants, it doesn't looks the least bit suspicious. Because that's what he must be talking about here.]

Gazel: Did you say something?
(Red 3): Did you say something?

Krelian: "It's nothing. Just sit there and wait for the good news."
Karellen: "Nothing consequential. Just wait there for some good news."

Gazel: What about retrieving the girl? The key is already beginning to resonate. The time of the resurrection is near.
(Blue 2): What about retrieving the girl? The key is beginning to resonate. The time of god's revival is drawing near.

Krelian: "We can get the girl anytime. It doesn't have to be now... Let's take our time..."
Karellen: "We can retrieve the girl at any time. Even if it is not now...... Sooner or later......"

Chapter 57: tear off the marks

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: So, they are naturally germinating because the resurrection of god is near...
(Red 1): A spontaneous germination because the revival of god has drawn near.....

Gazel: Those who will become the body of our servant... I never knew so many would exist, even without using the key...
(Blue 4): Those to become the flesh of our servants...... That so many would exist without our using the key......
[Translator's note: This all ties in to the multifaceted M Project, dedicated to transforming the general populace into the parts required so that Deus can again take to the stars. Thusly, the Wels mutants are an intermediary stage in the creation the Malahk host.
The Ministry gives themselves too much credit by assuming that the mutations are happening just because it's almost time. They don't know it's all the work of Karellen and his nanomachines.]

Gazel: But, some of them still have not yet begun to germinate...
(Red 3): But, as yet there are those who have not germinated......

Gazel: Are they not destined to be the flesh of god?
(Red 2): They may be destined to be the body of god.

Gazel: Or, perhaps those are the enemies of god...
(Blue 2): Or perhaps, they are enemies of god......

Gazel: Let us reactivate the strategic points of the Soylent...
(Blue 1): Let us reactivate the Soylent centers in key locations.

Gazel: At any rate, they are just incomplete mutants. They are useless now in their half-finished form.
(Red 3): At any rate, their mutation is incomplete. They will not be of use as they are.

Gazel: God's apostles. There cannot be any harm in having too many of them...
(Blue 3): The disciples of god. There can never be too many......

Gazel: The germinating of those destined to be the body of the servant of god.
(Blue 1): The germination of those destined to be the flesh of the servants of god.

Gazel: As before, the humans are gathering in Nisan. At this rate...
(Red 3): The people are beginning to gather in Nisan, same as in the past. At this rate......
[Translator's note: It always goes back to the Days of Collapse for these old men, as if nothing important ever happened before it. Well, I guess they thought they had everything wrapped up then, and all of a sudden it fell through with a vengeance. It must've sucked.]

Gazel: Not to fear... This might actually be helpful for us.
(Blue 4): Nay, this may be all the more opportune.

Gazel: The time is near. Should we not prepare for those who are to become the fleshly body of god, and those who will awaken god?
(Red 4): The time is nearly upon us. Should we not prepare those who proclaim the awakening of god: those who will become god's flesh?

Gazel: The time has come to activate the 'Gaetia Key'...
(Blue 3): The time has come to put the "Lesser Goetia Key" into operation.....

Gazel: Wha, what!?
(Red 4): Wh, What!?

Gazel: Cain!?
(Blue 2): Cain!

Emperor Cain: "What more do you intend to do? I can not allow you to use the 'Key'!"
Emperor Cain: "What are you planning to do, going beyond this point? I by no means permitted you to use the 'Key'!"

Gazel: Cain! What are you doing!?
(Red 3): Cain! What are you doing!?

Gazel: Without the resurrection of god, our purpose cannot be fulfilled!
(Red 1): Our goal will not be fulfilled without the revival of god!

Gazel: Or... are you planning on perishing with god, Cain...? Without fulfilling our purpose...
(Blue 2): Or perhaps...... You mean to destroy yourself along with god, Cain...... and make our goal unachievable......

Emperor Cain: "Your purpose...? You were fated to it from your birth. Why haven't you realized that it does not arise from your own free will?"
Emperor Cain: "The goal...... That itself is the chain which has bound us since the genesis. Why do you not realize that it is not something that originates your own will?"

Gazel: I've heard enough...
(Blue 3): You have no ear for reason, it seems......

Gazel: Yes. This is of our own volition...
(Red 2): Yes. This is our will.

Gazel: If you still insist on opposing us...
(Blue 1): And if you say that you are in opposition to it......

Gazel: Guuaaaaaaaaah!
(Red 3): Guooo-!
[Translator's note: A yell of pain.]

Emperor Cain: "Have you forgotten? You are my subordinates! I can destroy you if I so desire."
Emperor Cain: "Have you forgotten that you are subordinate to me? I can eliminate you this very moment."

Gazel: Mnnuuuuuuuhh...
(Blue 4): Nuuu......
[Translator's note: A sound someone makes when struggling futilely.]

Emperor Cain: "We have already done our part. It's time to pass the helm to the next generation. The people will not perish..."
Emperor Cain: "Soon our duty will be complete. The helm will be passed over to a new era. The people will not be destroyed......"

Chapter 58 - 59: let the stars know our vessels of souls

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: He is no longer one of us...
(Red 3): He is no longer like us......
[Translator's note: It's a bit vague, but they're talking about Cain. If I was being strictly literal, I would've had to have put 'That' in place of 'He', which while appropriately derogatory in Japanese, would've made the line even more vague.]

Gazel: Yes. He dares to go against our objectives. Just like the other one...
(Red 1): Indeed. He opposes our objective. The same as him......

Gazel: We can still activate the key...
(Blue ): If he was with us we could activate the key......

Gazel: We must do something about the one who stands in our way... We must eliminate Cain...
(Red 2): We must eliminate those who will become obstacles. We must eliminate Cain.....

Gazel: But, we cannot stand up to his power.
(Blue ): But we cannot defy his power.

Gazel: Only 'Cain' can destroy 'Cain'...
(Red 3): The one who will destroy "Cain" is "Cain" himself.

Gazel: So 'Mother', will you do it for us?
(Blue 1): ......Will you handle this, "mother"?

Miang: "Maybe... Did Krelian say anything?"
Miang: "Let me see...... Has Karellen been saying anything?"

Gazel: Something concerning the potential ability as a countervailing existence... With everything focusing towards a single point...
(Blue 4): He spoke of the possibility of focusing all of his potential as a canceling factor into a single point......
[Translator's note: "He spoke of the possibility of..."
This whole line needed reconstruction to make sense in English. There is no main subject or verb (which is Karellen and what he said), and no obvious statement of who is being talked about (which is Ramsus).]

Miang: "I see... But Kahr is still shaken up by... yesterday's defeat against Fei. We are almost ready. I need just a little bit more time..."
Miang: "I see...... That last defeat by Fei...... has left Kahr quite unstable. Just a little longer...A little more......"

Gazel: Then we'll wait. We'll wait till the time is ripe...
(Blue 1): In that case we will wait. For that time to come......
[Translator's note: There is no other point at which the Ministry acknowledges awareness of the plot to manipulate Ramsus. If not for this, there'd be no proof against them picking on him just for fun.]

Gazel: Worthless...
(Red 1): Trash......

Gazel: Trash...
(Red 3): Trash......

Gazel: Reject...
(Blue 2): Trash......

Gazel: Why even bother existing...?
(Red 2): For what purpose do you exist......?

Gazel: Defect...
(Red 3): Failure......

Gazel: Be gone...
(Blue 4): Be gone......

Gazel: We have no use for you...
(Blue 3): Your usefulness is already ended......

Gazel: Hah! Trash is of more worth to us than you...
(Blue 1): Nay. He is trash, incapable of any use.

Ramsus: "..."
Ramsus: "......"

Miang: "Kahr... Don't worry. I'll always be by your side. No one knows you better than I do. So don't..."
Miang: "Kahr...... Don't worry. I will always be with you. I know you better than anyone else...... So......"
[Translator's note: Miang's speech here is informal and feminine-- clearly, she is out of sub-commander mode.]

Ramsus: "Miang! Is this... Is this all I can do? Is this the extent of my strength and abilities? I couldn't beat him... And in front of that woman, I couldn't even do a thing... Is this the limit of my existence!? My abilities...!?"
Ramsus: "Miang! Is this, is this...... the limit of my power? Am I capable of nothing more than this amount of power? I cannot win against him, and I couldn't do a single thing in the face of that woman...... Is this the limit of my existence!? My abilities......"
[Translator's note: "In the face of that woman..."
Referring to his encounter with his former subordinate, Elehaym, in which he failed to make good on a threat to squish her. (He ought to know better than to go around trying to squish people.)]

Krelian: "... You're the same as Cain. An archetype that surpasses all humans. I made you in the same way. But he is the one who is preventing you from fully releasing your powers. Divided powers... That man was your original form. The primordial superior being... If you could defeat him, then you would be..."
Karellen: "......are identical to Cain's, a being of the genesis who transcends all humans. It was in that image that I created you. He is the one who is preventing the release of your power. Divided power....... That man was your source form, the transcendental being since the time of the genesis...... If only you remove him, you will be......"

Miang: "Yes. Even with your superior constitution, the existence of the original being hinders you. If you could eliminate the divided power, then it would all be yours... Don't you agree, Kahr...?"
Miang: "That's right. While you possess superior qualities, you are deprived because of the existence of the original. If you remove the division of power, it will all be yours. Isn't that so, Kahr......?"

Chapter 60: assassinate the emperor

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Emperor Cain: "What do you want... Ramsus...?"
Emperor Cain: "Ramsus...... What is it...?"

Ramsus: "You... If you didn't exist... I... That's why... I must... get rid... of you... Only then will I be able to beat him..."
Ramsus: "You...... If only you were gone...I would..... That is why...... I will...remove...... you...... In order to win against him............"

Emperor Cain: "What do you think you're doing? Ramsus...!?"
Emperor Cain: "What is the meaning of this, Ramsus......?"

Emperor Cain: "That's absurd! Do you think you can neutralize my power!?"
Emperor Cain: "Impossible! You can counteract my power......!?"

Krelian: "Of course he can. He was made to be able to do so."
Karellen: "Of course. That is the way I created him, after all."

Emperor Cain: "Krelian...!? Surely you're not on their side now!?"
Emperor Cain: "Karellen......!? You have sided with them!?"

Krelian: "Oh, really now... I don't care about a group of old geezers who are so obsessed with clinging onto their dear little lives... ... that they had to resort to turning themselves into data on the SOL-9000 in order to survive. That's not why... Your existence obstructs me from reaching my goal. That's all..."
Karellen: "Surely not. Those old men who so cling to their lives as to willingly be reduced to data in the SOL-9000 matter nothing to me. You will become an obstruction to the realization of my goal. Nothing more."

Emperor Cain: "Haven't you been working for humanity's future... for humans to live longer? That is why I assisted you..."
Emperor Cain: "Were you not working for the people's future-- for the continuation of humanity? That is why I supported......"
[Translator's note: 'Supported' is a guess-word. But from Gazel Talk 2, it is clear that Cain's got Karellen's back.]

Krelian: "Yes, that's right. I try to lead the people in 'my own way'. That hasn't changed in the least."
Karellen: "Yes, that exactly. I am leading the people by "my own means". That has not changed."
[Translator's note: "My own means"...
Also known as the Ark Project or Project Noah.]

Emperor Cain: "Krelian, what's got into you...!?"
Emperor Cain: "Karellen, are you......!?"

Krelian: "Kill him, 'Ramses'!"
Karellen: "Kill him, "Ramses"."
[Translator's note: "Ramses"... Or, in it's entirety, codename 0808191 Ramses.]

Ramsus: "Uuuuaaaahhhhh!!"
Ramsus: "AaaaAAAAH!!"

Gazel: So... Cain is dead?
(Blue 2): Cain has died......

Gazel: Yes.
(Red 4): Yes.

Gazel: The final fate for one bound within everlasting flesh...
(Blue 4): So this is the fate of one so long confined in flesh......

Gazel: If only he had just accepted our logical ideals too...
(Red 2): If only he had logical attributes such as ours......

Gazel: A fitting end for someone who had become dominated by needless flesh. Excellent work, Krelian.
(Blue 1): Because he was dominated by his useless flesh, this was the outcome. Well done, Karellen.

Krelian: "..."
Karellen: "............"

Gazel: Now there is nothing that can stand in the way of us accomplishing our objective.
(Blue 3): With this, there are none to obstruct the accomplishment of our objective.

Gazel: The 'Anima Relics' have been awakened and have aligned with their respective 'Animus'... Dan, Joseph, Gad... have each been aligned with a surface dweller as their 'Animus'...
(Red 1): The "Anima Vessels" have awakened and have obtained "Animus" (those who align). Dan, Joseph, and Gad, which aligned with surface dwellers......

Gazel: Hyuga's Asher, Ramsus' Zebulun, Krelian's Judah, Sophia's Dinah...
(Blue 4): Hyuga's Asher, Ramsus's Zebulun, Karellen's Juda, Sophia's Dinah......

Gazel: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Issachar were already aligned 500 years ago...
(Red 1): Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Isachar, which aligned 500 years ago......

Gazel: And finally... Grahf's Naphtali... All of the 'Anima Relics' have now been activated.
(Blue 2): And finally, Grahf's Naphtali...... All of the "Anima Vessels" have been activated.

Gazel: The identity of the -Persona- mask of the 'mother' has also become clear.
(Red 4): The existence of the mother's persona (guise) too has become clear.

Gazel: The time has come.
(Red 1): The time has come.

Gazel: Now is the time to open the door to god's domain to attain the fleshly body and the wisdom of god...
(Blue 4): To obtain god's flesh and wisdom, we now open the door to the kingdom of god......

Gazel: The time of the true awakening... To carry us to new horizons... Yes, the time of the gospel has come...!
(Blue 3): The time of the true awakening...... Carry us to new horizons...... The time of the gospel has come......
Gazel: Now, humans! Extol the awakening of god!
(Blue 1): Come, all you people. Praise the awakening of god.

Chapter 62: the lost and promised land

Translation clarification from "An Eye for the Infinite" website:

Gazel: The fleshly body of god has been recovered...
(Blue 1): The body of God is recovered......

Gazel: The Anima and the Animus have all been obtained...
(Red 3): The Anima and Animus have been obtained......

Gazel: All that is left for us to do is change into the Animus, and become one with the mother -Persona-...
(Blue 4): All that remains is to supplant ourselves in the Animus, and merge with the mother's persona (guise)......

Krelian: "... That is incorrect."
Karellen: "......That is incorrect."

Gazel: What? What do you mean, Krelian? What did you just say?
(Blue 3): What? What is the meaning of this, Karellen? What did you say?

Gazel: What are you doing!? Krelian, have you gone totally insane!?
(Blue 2): Wh, what are you doing!? Karellen, have you lost your mind!?

Gazel: What are you doing to the memory banks!?
(Red 2): What are you doing to the memory banks!?

Gazel: Do not touch them! We cannot survive without them...!
(Red 3): Do not touch those! Without them, we will......

Krelian: "You were the only ones who could have activated the key... But now that it has been activated, I no longer need you. I am having you all erased."
Karellen: "The Key couldn't have been operated without you, but now that it is operational, Your existence has no value. I have decided to delete you."

Gazel: How dare you!
(Red 2): What?!

Krelian: "The only obstacle that kept me from my goals was Cain. He was the one person who had total control of the people and thus was my greatest nemesis. But the only person who could terminate Cain was Cain himself. That's why I created... 'a copy of Cain'. Ramsus acted exactly as I predicted... killing Cain. Now, there is no one who can stop 'me'. And I'm not interested in your power or authority. Did you really think you were acting on your own free will? You are all just parts of the system. Created only as weapons of invasion and oppression... You are just terminal interface weapons."
Karellen: "Cain, the only obstruction to the accomplishment of "my" goal, is gone. The absolute authority he wielded over we the "people" was my obstacle. The only one capable of removing Cain was Cain himself. Ramsus, the "copy of Cain" that I created for that purpose, behaved according to my expectations, and eliminated Cain. Now no one can stop me. Furthermore, I have no interest in the power to rule which you pursue. Did you believe you were self-determining? You are things, bound to the system. Ultimately, you are nothing more than a terminal interface, designed as a weapon of aggression and domination."
[Translator's note: "The absolute authority he wielded ..."
This sentence was a task. I have modified it to be less redundant. Originally, annoyingly similar to the one preceding it, with Cain as the subject.
"Did you believe you were self-determining..."
This 'self-determining' is an important word, I think, and I didn't get all the nuances. It refers to the capability of making one's own decisions. I treated tsumori (=intent) like it's used in the expression nanisama tsumori?, or, 'who the hell do you think you are'?]

Gazel: We... can... become... god! And... you're...
(Blue 1): We......we will...... become god! D......do not......

Krelian: "God? Who said you'd be god? What impertinence! We are 'humans'. We were created to be terminal interfaces of god. It is the same for you, who were once humans. 'Man cannot become god.' ... We can only entrust ourselves to god."
Karellen: "God? Who said that you would become god? You say such presumptuous things. We are human. Even for you, who were created to be the terminal interface of god, that is the same. "Man cannot become god." All that we can do, is entrust ourselves to god."

Gazel: Ri... diculous... Going... a... gainst the... Mother...
(Blue 1): Re......DICulous...... INCON......sis...tent with...the mother'S...... wiLL............
[Translator's note: "Ri......DICulous..." My own work creeps me out here. ^_^ I'm just trying to capture some of the unsettling variations in script with variations in caps in my translations. The implications appear to be that the remaining minister is fighting to express himself with what little data is left to him.]

Krelian: "I have not gone against her. This is the will of the 'other mother'."
Karellen: "It isn't inconsistent. It is the will of the other."
[Translator's note: "It is the will of the other..."
There is an omitted kanojo here. The Karellen/Kanojo rule is of course in effect.]

Gazel: You... think... you... can... elim... inate... us... and... still...... revi... ve... god...?
(Blue 1): DO......you THINK...... ......you can...... revive......GOD...... without......us......

Krelian: "It can be done. Your genes were scattered in order to keep the world alive after the 'Fall' in the days of destruction. Those genes live on today within the humans. The -Anima- vessels... and the recipients of their alignment, the -Animus-... and also the -Persona-... By combining these with my nanomachines, humans will become living beings very much the equivalent of you. Actually, they may far surpass you in becoming worthy terminal interfaces for god. So you are no longer of any use to me. -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god, only wants results... The means are insignificant to him... So this is my 'Ark Plan'... My -Project Noah-!"
Karellen: "I can. Your genes, which were dispersed to sustain the world after the days of collapse, live on among the people. The Anima (vessels), the Animus (those who align)...... And the persona...... Those, combined with my nanomachines, will make the people equivalent to you. No, even further, they will be capable of becoming a proper interface to god. Your existence has no value now. Deus (god) only wants results. The means do not matter. This is my "Ark Plan". Or in other words, Project Noah."

Gazel: K... re... li...
(Blue 1): KAre......L......le......

Krelian: "May all your worries cease. Rest in peace... ancestors of mortal man!"
Karellen: "With this, all that would afflict you with worry will cease. Rest in peace one footstep before us, ancestors of man......"

Krelian: "Now, it is just you and I... Sophia!"
Karellen: "Now, I go to you...... Sophia...... Now......"
[Translator's note: 'Go' is a guess verb. I got a sense of motion out of the phrase, but it's still a little bit of Japanese vagueness for you.]

Chapter 63: fortress of the death

Karen: "Yes... probably already born somewhere."
"... The final one!"

(No error, but wanted to confirm. Also, there is no exclamation mark after "final one".)

Ee. Kowaraku wa doko ka ni umareteiruhazu. Saigo no ne.

"My curiosity is regarding the line "... The final one!" which has always confused me, because I don't see why Elly would be the final antitype, something that directly contradicts Grahf's later arguments."
- Fan

"Translation is correct. I've checked, and Karen used the word 'saigo'. Saigo means 'final'. Would it not mean the final reincarnation?"
- Yenie

"I always just assumed that after Miang accomplished her goal of reviving Deus, the Contact and Antitype wouldn't be born again since they would have returned to Deus."
- B K

"Reincarnation doesn't end. In the Xenoverse it is an eternal cycle (it was even expressed as 'Endless cycle of rebirth and reincarnation. Destruction and healing' on the japanese CD case), which was later stated by Grahf in the game. I think B.K. might be on to something though. I could buy that explanation."
- Fan

Chapter 64: The Melcover of sorrow

Elly: "You could say... you escaped that destiny by existing through multiple generations..."

"I think 'multiple generations' is ok. "Dai" in this case is 'generation' for sure. It means 'by generations passing by...' lit.: 'by generations piling up'."
- Infsen

Citan: "Elly! Why did it have to be you? If Miang is a part for Deus, why did it not happen earlier...?

Krelian: "It's still not enough for her just to have awakened. Although she may be Miang, she still isn't the 'true Miang'."

Citan: "The 'true Miang'...?"

Elly: "Let's go, Krelian. All that is left to do is to vanquish this planet's civilization and return it to how it was. Then I can complete my unification with the final fragment of Deus... the 'Zohar Modifier'... The power reactor that fell upon this planet and became our genesis, and now, our apocalypse..."

Citan: "The eradication of civilization!? What is the purpose of doing that!?"

Elly: "Who knows...? The creations of god will someday be a hindrance. That is why they must be eliminated. I am just programmed to act in this way..."

Krelian: "Come... It is time for the awakening of the true 'mother'."
(ERROR: Alot of it.)

"Okay, I'm a bit iffy with the translation... it somehow didn't match what SE did.

Krelian: Her awakening is incomplete. Even if she is Miang, she is still not 'her'. (True Miang, perhaps?)
Citan: Her...?

(Krelian used the word 'kanojo sono mono de wa nai' to refer to Miang who had just awakened in Elly's body. The literal translation of that would be 'the girl who isn't [that thing/being/person]'. Using context clues (the Japanese just love to be very vague), it means 'imperfect Miang'.)

Elly: Let's go, Krelian. After this, this planet's civilization will be erased and will return to its original state. The final fragment, other than the original, the one that fell into that power reactor... the "Event Changing Engine Zohar". I will accomplish it by becoming one with it.
(Miang will accomplish the rebirth of the planet by becoming one with the Zohar, or something to that effect. The "let's go, Krelian' line... I'm so unsure with that one. It doesn't match the localized version. orz
"Zohar Modifier" = this was very tricky. It reads as 'jishouhenikikan Zohar'. Literal translation is Event Changing Engine/Agency/Organization. Let's go with Event Changing Engine. XD)

Citan: Civilization's eradication?! What do you mean by that?!

Elly: Who knows...? Sooner or later, the beings that created god will become an obstacle. That's why they must be eradicated. As for me, I'm simply programmed to act this way...

Krelian: Come... it's time for the awakening of the real "mother"."

- Yenie

"(kanojo sonomono) doesn't just mean "her" but "she herself" or something along those lines."
- hakanakumono

"It's a little tough to convert "kanojo sonomono" to English, but contextually I believe it means "her true self"."
- Sky Render

"Krelian: "Her awakening is still incomplete. Although she is Myang, she is also "not herself". (meaning, not the essense of her)"
- Jinx

"I looked up the original line Karellen uses to talk about the "True Myyah" and well, it's not really an issue with translation, but rather with context. The translation guide implies Karellen is talking about Elly-Myyah regarding her "incomplete awakening". Context I think however implies he's just talking about the Myyah that just died though, because Shitan asks him why this didn't happen earlier, if Myyah was a part of Deus. Karellen simply answered "That's because her awakening is incomplete". He specifically ends the sentence with のだ, a sentence ends that indicates he's explaining something he's been asked about. He is not ignoring Shitan's question. There's some translations in there that kinda twist the context by introducing a "still" that's not present anywhere in the Japanese text."
- Anonymous

Chapter 65: memento of dreams

Citan: "Legendary Power?"
Zephyr: "God's resting place, Mahanon, ...the source of divine wisdom, 'Razael'... and the 'Anima Relics' which were created by that very wisdom... Besides these... there is one more legend."
Citan: "And that is?"
Zephyr: "'Zohar'..."
Citan: "Zohar!? That has the same name as the 'Zohar Modifier'!... ...the power reactor that Miang spoke of, saying it was the infinite energy source of god -Deus-... What she claimed is also the source of our Ether powers and the driving force of all our Gears."

(ERROR: 'Zohar Modifier' is supposed to be "phenomenon alteration system".)

Citan: denshou no ryoku?

[ Legendary power? ]

Zephyr: kami no nemuru chi "Mahanon" ... ... chie no minamoto "Rajieru" ... ... kami no chie ni yotte sourareta "Anima no Utsuwa" ... ... sore igai ni ... ..., mou itsu no denshou ga aru no desu.

[ "Mahanon", the ground where God sleeps ... ... the source of wisdom, "Raziel" ... ... the "Container of Anima" that were created from God's wisdom ... besides these ... another legend exists. ]

Citan: Sore wa?

[ And that is? ]

Zephyr: "Zoharu"...

[ Zohar ]

Citan: Zoharu desutte?! Sore wa, Miang no itteita, kami ... ... Deusu ya ... ...wareware no motte Eeteru ryoku no minamoto to iwareru douryokuru "jishou heni kikan" namae to de wa nai desu ka!

[ Zohar?! Miang called that the power reactor of God ... Deus ... which is also the source of all of our Ether power, "the Phenomenon Alteration System", it isn't the same name is it?! ]

Citan:"Fei!? This must mean this is Weltall's transformed appearance!?"

"Th.. this is.. [You] Fei!? Then.. this is a Transformation of Weltall, you mean?"
or "Th.. this is.. Fei!? You're telling me this is a Transformation of Weltall?"
Citan seems to be reacting to an earlier statement by someone and seems to be making sense of it by himself.. (in front of the cocoon later then).. the tense can be both in Japanese. Or he is reacting to nobody and talks to himself like "this shall mean...?"
- Infsen

Khan: "Argh...! Fei...!! Can you hear me? Please take this fist full of memories I am giving you... Become one... with yourself... and with me!"
(ERROR: The line is translated awkwardly.)

C.. Can you hear me, Fei!? Please receive my will by this fist I am striking. And become one!

Interestingly, they are using a different character for the verb "receive/parry/accept/take", a word not normally used. This moves the connotation away from "parry" (fist strike reference) to "take/accept". Grrrmmm... have to watch the scene here, too... the Japanese is vague... this is the best and most neutral thing I can give you... "will" could also be "feelings", even "love", yes it can mean "memory" in some instances too.. does Fei remember sth right after this he didn't before? The last expression refers to Fei's inner conflict I suppose.

- Infsen

I think "love" would make the most sense actually, since it is a father trying to reach his son. And no, Fei doesn't start to remember after this scene so memory just sounds awkward. As does "become one [...] with me." It sounds like that wasn't in the original line.
- Fan

Nope, there is no "with me", at all..... do not know what they were thinking.. Hmm "receive this fist strike of love" is awkward to.. as I said the Japanese is vague.. is doenst say love (ai) literally... so "feelings"? "affection"? Something indirect would suit.
- Infsen

Lacan: ...What ...is... this... place...? ...My execution site...?

It's correct, it's just that he's not saying "My execution site" he's saying execution site in general. My assumption is that after he comes to and sees the barren land before him, that's just the first thought that comes to his mind.
- Then00bAvenger

Chapter 66: fallen stars

--: "I... am... Har... "
(ERROR: 'Har' is not a name, it is a part of the word Zohar.)

The part about "har" is actually a pretty funny and, at the same time, pathetic translation error. XD
At the beginning of the conversation WE's words aren't audible or sound interrupted, so he says:

"Wa...shi wa... har..." (I-.... har...)

Then the words start to be clearly audible:

"Watashi wa Zohar ni yadoru mono" (I am being that resides inside the Zohar)

Har is actually a part of the word Zohar that isn't completely audible.
In fact, during the rest of the conversation, the script [Thousands of Daggers] names WE as Wave Existence, not as Har as [english fan transcripts] does.

- LastFencer

Wave Existence: "In actuality, I do not have a physical form. I am an 'Existence' of a higher dimension. A place you cannot perceive... But in terms you understand, it is a world where everything acts as kinds of waves...
It is the source of this four-dimensional universe... The place where time and space is controlled... The fluctuating void... The 'Wave Existence'.

(ERROR: It implies the higher dimension is a place "where time and space is controlled," but the text is actually referring to our universe being governed by those laws.)

Very interesting. The meaning of the sentence, actually a relative clause, has been broken up by the translator misleadingly, I think... I can understand this mistake though since it is common when the particle "no" replaces the subject marker "ga" in a sentence. And is mistakenly taken as genitive.. what it is in most cases...... the sentence simply should be:

It* is the place that became the origin of your four-dimensional universe which is controlled/governed/reigned by space and time.

*the world filled with things that behave like waves in a sense = higher dimension, I guess

So it states the obvious: our universe is controlled by space and time... and the not so obvious: The Wave Existence's home is the origin of our universe. Hmm also I would not neccessarily translate "mu" with "void"... but "non-existence"... I acknowledge that one Chapter of Musashis "Book of Five Rings" has been translated like that.. but I don't feel Takahashi was going for Zen-Buddhism here.. but for "non-existence" as opposed to "existence"... so "fluctuating non-existence" has become "existence"... yeah "void" is non-existence, sure, but... XD ..."muyô" is "useless"... "muzai" is "without guilt".. "mukô" is "without effect".. so it means that "something is not there"... nothing more.

- Infsen

Wave Existence: "Long ago, a 'modifier', or a pseudo-perpetual, infinite-energy engine was created. That engine was named 'Zohar'. That reactor was created by an ancient people from another planet to attain what is considered to be the ultimate energy possible within this four-dimensional universe. Eventually, those people used that same engine to create the ultimate inter-planetary invasion weapon, 'Deus'... Zohar was used as its primary source of power."
(ERROR: The people who created Zohar and those that created Deus are not stated to be the same, though it is implied.)

Zohar was created in ancient times long forgotten (well duh -- and no, it doesn't say by whom), however the people of ancient times (referring to the T.C 47xx generation) discovered its pseudo-perpetual, phenomenon alteration ability and utilized it to attain the highest output of energy level available in the 4-dimensional universe. Eventually, people created the ultimate weapon, Deus, an interstellar subjugation system. This system was the first entity to make full use of Zohar's energy and it adopted it as its main power reactor.
- int

In ancient times, a phenomena modification engine, a semi-perpetual infinite energy engine was created. It was given the name "Zohar". It was the attempt by an ancient people from an alien/different planet to obtain the highest energy [source] imaginable in this four-dimensional universe. It was not long before those people made use of this engine to create the ultimate strategic weapon for inter-planetary war, "Deus". Zohar was eventually used as its main power reactor.
- Infsen

Chapter 67: stimulation of Xenogears

Fei: "Just as the Wave Existence is bound inside of Zohar... the information is affixed to me, so to speak, by some of the power of the Wave Existence."

After reading it like 10 times XD I think it should go like...

The same way the Wave Existence is contained/bound by Zohar, this information [memory] affixes a part of the Wave Existence's power to me myself, you could say.

This is the hardest part yet ^^' .. but clearly "information affixes power" in this sentence.. not the other way around.. I'm not sure what the author exactly wants to get across with this double relationship, though.. I guess I have to play the game again?

- Infsen

Citan: "Zohar senses the human consciousness and incarnates the -Seraphs-."

I WOULD SAY: The Aeon Army is created/formed by Zohar sensing the consciousness of human beings.
OR: Zohar senses the consciousness of human beings and then embodies it as the Aeon Army.
OR: The Aeon Army is something created by Zohar sensing the consciousness of human beings and giving it real form.

I like the last one best. "Sense" is a good translation IMHO. the verb "kanjitoru" is a combination of two verbs... "feel" and "take". Well, in fact I think the real Japanese meaning is very close to "sense".
- Infsen

Billy: "Human consciousness...?"

Citan: "Zohar itself involves the principle of uncertainty. The observer's perception of Zohar determines the entity it actually becomes. In other words, I believe that those angels are incarnations of the spirits of people... ... The people who have been absorbed by Deus to become parts of it."

Bart: "So what merit is there for them to gain in eliminating all of civilization?"

Maria: "Is it some kind of hatred for those humans who have survived?"

Citan: "Of course not. Those people who were created and assimilated as parts for Deus would not have such intentions. Try to remember what Elly, when she became Miang, said."

Fei: " 'The creations of god will someday be a hindrance... That is why they must be eliminated...' "

I WOULD SAY: Beings [humans] that are able to create a god will someday be a hindrance... That is why they must be eliminated...
"shiuru" is the potentialis of "suru".. so it must be "being able to create"

- Infsen

Citan: "Yes. That is why Merkava is being used to begin the destruction. But... Deus is not following its programming of exterminating all of civilization... The -Seraphs-, which are terminal interface weapons of Deus, are using their bodies composed of... ... nanomachines to absorb massive numbers of people regardless of whether they are dead or alive. It is not discriminating between the mutant and non-mutant people. This is highly peculiar... ... The fact that the people who are meant to be destroyed are being taken in as well... That is the absolute opposite of what it is supposed to be doing."

Fei: "Maybe there aren't enough parts?"

Citan: "That is unlikely. Aside from those bodies that were destined to be parts for it... ... Deus, who has already acquired the abilities of the nanomachines, can just about use any material... ... to construct its body. It is obvious, it has other intentions in mind."
"Those intentions... Krelian has called Deus the mother. If god is the mother, then those motives are coming from the Great Mother... Impending the growth of its child, enveloping it, to bring the child back to the womb to become one with it. That is its motive. Such a program does not exist within its design though. It was probably given this unique will by someone. Either from Elly who has merged with the Deus or..."

(ERROR: Only the "The observer's perception of Zohar determines the entity it actually becomes" line sounded awkward. And the line "The creations of god will someday be a hindrance" is again badly translated...)

Japanese (translated by Jinx):

The Aeon army is what manifests when the Zohar senses human consciousness.

Human... consciousness...?

The Zohar in and of itself contains the Uncertainty Principle. It is the very act of observation by an observer that determines actuality. In other words, those Aeons may be the manifested forms of spirits of the people that Deus ingested as parts.

What the hell's the point of those things wiping out all civilization?

Do they resent those that survived as people?

Not at all. Humans that were created for the purpose of being ingested and becoming parts of Deus have no such intention. Remember the words that Elly spoke after becoming Miang.

"Beings capable of creating God will eventually become a hindrance. That is why they are eliminated."

Yes. And that is why the Merkava is being used to begin the destruction. However... Deus should be following its programming and destroying the surface so that no civilization remains... but it's not. Deus's terminals, the Aeons, are utilizing bodies comprised of nanomachine colonies and are absorbing a great many people regardless if they're alive or dead. Regardless if they're mutant or not. This is strange... Ingesting humans that should be destroyed and eliminated is an act that is contrary to its original purpose.

Maybe there's just not enough parts?

That's impossible. Now that Deus has acquired the ability of nanomachines, any kind of material is acceptable for constructing its body, not just those people whose bodies were destined to become its parts. Clearly, there is no reason to think it is anything but an action with a different purpose. This behavior... hmm. Krelian sees Deus as "mother". If Deus is mother, then this is the doing of the Great Mother... Preventing the growth of her child, engulfing it, and returning it to the womb as a part of herself. Such a program does not exist in Deus's design. Perhaps this new trait has sprouted according to someone's will. Either it's from Elly who has synchronized with Deus... or it's...

"Noting, as usual: I tend to be more literal, because sometimes it helps clarify. But unless it's an obvious mistake, the official translation will always be more correct than mine."
- Jinx

Chapter 68: the one that is the first and the last

"Not exactly. Your actual body is but a physical object... It has merely been absorbed into Deus' outer-shell. Only your consciousness is here. Of course, the girl you perceive in front of you is also not a true being. Your consciousness is merely creating her image."
(It does not say that Fei is creating Elly's image/consciousness.)

... it does NOT say, that Fei's consciousness creates both images. From the flow of the text, I as reader would assume Elly's image is created by herself. Like Fei's is...

Not exactly. Your real body is still physical ... It has merely been absorbed into Deus' outer-shell. Only your consciousness is here. Of course, the girl you perceive in front of you is also not truly her. Her consciousness is merely constructing this image.

The translator had not learned, that wa/mo mark the topic not only the subject, and that it even may carry over to the next sentence(s)... .
In Jap. sentence 2 and 3 the topic is Fei's real body and his consciousness respectively. In sentence 4 the topic changes to Elli "Kanojo mo" and carries over to sentence 5... since "mo" changes the topic definitely, there is no need to say "her consciousness" in Japanese... but just "consciousness"
Instead of "real body" you could also translate "the real you".. "the true you".. "You as a entity".. a translation with a little more freedom taken... but less awkward

- Infsen

Chapter 69: Epilogue

Krelian: "The only one who could have forgiven me was God"
(Due to the bad dubbing some have interpreted Krelian as saying "...is gone" instead of "...was God".)

Watashi wo yurushite kureru no ha kami no mi nanda yo: The one who can forgive me is God.

"The line is a bit simple in its sentiments, but at the same time, it sounds desperate. Almost sounds like something [Krelian] would yell whilst crying his eyes out. So, using "The only one who could have forgiven me was God," has a closer "feel" to the original. It's an exclamation, in Japanese."
- CT

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